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03/08/15 08:42 AM #4    

Bob Tiderington

Harley Stoner?

03/08/15 09:01 PM #5    

Darryl Pfau


03/08/15 11:00 PM #6    

Mike Vitale (Vitale)

Yes exactly, Mr Stoner -- he was a big inspiration to me, and I did a physics minor at university, but I was terrible at it.  Bonus question:  who was the only female to take second-year physics?

03/11/15 06:28 AM #7    

Linda Vanderlip (Gwilt)

Thanks for the info!  I do remember Mr. Stoner now!  How about Mabel? Brooks!  Do I have that one right?  She taught math!  I guess that I should dig out an old yearbook!

03/11/15 11:25 PM #8    

Connie Hartman (Greenamyer)

Mr. Isch was my Spanish teacher.  He wore a ring that would make your eyes pop.  He loved the language and made it fun to learn.  When he left we had to start all over again, I believe with a Mr. Fuller right out of college.

Connie Hartman Greenamyer

03/12/15 10:27 AM #9    

Murphy (Arlene) Murphy (van Benschoten)

Don't remember any physic classes, I guess I was probably in the Gym.  I do have a question relating to the times 1960's.  Who was the only girl to try to take a drafting class, and was called to the office, on her first day, where they preceded to say, "girls can't take drafting classes?"  Gloria S. missed Saginaw on her USA lecture tour. 

03/12/15 10:32 AM #10    

Murphy (Arlene) Murphy (van Benschoten)

I remember, Mr. Isch, he was my Latin teacher.  He heald the record for fastest fly swatter and most flies kills in one hour class time, nobody else came even close.

03/29/15 02:44 AM #11    

Jeff Hahn (Hahn)

Ah Mr. Isch and his rolled newspaper fly swatter which also doubled as a learning incentive in Latin class.

Mr. Barris (English) was my most influential teacher followed by Mr. Such (Civics) and Mr Anderson (History).


04/21/15 12:08 AM #12    

Ron Hazen

Anybody remember Winifred Harris. She was sweet and I remember that when she smiled she covered her mouth as she had a few missing teeth. The class kind of adopted her and we threw some parties for her in class. This turned out to be a good thing because she did not give anybody less than a C that was involved. I got a C. She was quite a person. Ron Hazen

04/21/15 12:10 AM #13    

Ron Hazen

Not sure Harris is the right last name. Funny thing 50 years Ron

04/21/15 12:12 AM #14    

Ron Hazen

Ah yes Miss Herrod.

04/21/15 02:48 PM #15    

Chuck Kerns

Yes! I remember older, gray haired lady!


04/21/15 05:04 PM #16    

Tom Seidel

She hired me to cut her grass and help in her garden on Wheeler St.  She lived in a dark stoneblock house with lots of landscaping.  Everytime I worked she would have Vernors Gingerale and a cookie for me.

04/22/15 12:58 PM #17    

Dave Roche

Yes...Miss Herrod was a one of a kind.   Bob Tiderington, Ron Hazen and I visited her over the years at her home on Wheeler....we would take our kids and liven up the place.  T created a will for her and we administered her estate upon her death....she gave it all to the neighbor kids she liked.  A very nice lady and one we had respectful fun with over the years.   


04/24/15 09:45 AM #18    

Jon Smith

Does anyone remember Cheri Pace. She was a student at DMHS, during the class of 65. I know she had health problems.

04/24/15 12:25 PM #19    

Tom Crook

God bless you for caring for Mis Herrod. She was a diamond in the ruff. She used what I call Miss Herrod-isms. The one that I still use today as part of my normal language  is everbody "quieten down" (meaning shut-up!). She had a few more that escape me. Thanks for helping me to fondly remember a sweet lady.

05/19/15 08:43 AM #20    

Lee Ann Kohlschmidt (Paszkiewicz)

Anyone remember Miss or Mrs. Roberson - excellent english teacher

05/20/15 04:11 PM #21    

Jo Weiker (Brinker)

Young and pretty. I

We had her for English, before Mr. Barris. Jo


05/09/16 09:42 PM #22    

Jennifer Findlay (Granse)

Last address for Bob McGinty, 3685 Lohe Rd, Kalaheo, Hawaii 96742 (808) 332-0360


07/13/16 12:14 AM #23    


Charles Stewart

Mary Ann Noble (Stewart) 1965 Graduate died April 13, 2009 of a heart attack. She is loved and missed by her husband Charles Stewart (1965 Graduate) and her children Carrie and Charles.

03/13/17 09:41 AM #24    

Chuck Kerns




Chuck kerns

03/14/17 01:21 PM #25    

Jerry Alles


Wasn't she married to Dave Fabor at one time?

03/15/17 12:54 PM #26    

Chuck Kerns

I don t think so!

03/16/17 02:43 PM #27    

Dave Roche

Chuck Kerns and Jerry Allen.......David Fabrer was married to Karen Hawkins (I think)....not to Sue Larabee...


03/16/17 05:22 PM #28    

Linda Hoefling (Chapman)

Dave Faber was married to me Linda Hoefling.

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