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06/10/08 09:49 PM #1    

Andrew Jones

Welcome to the Highland High School Class Of 1998 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/11/08 07:35 PM #2    

Aimee Beckstead (Morgan)

I'm the only one with pictures on my profile? Come on people! Maybe I should take mine off...haha

07/07/08 01:20 AM #3    

Emlyn Poelman (Stutz)

I tried posting a photo but got an error message. Sorry, Aim... you'll just have to stalk me on my blog.

Also Andrew, are kids invited to this shindig?

07/15/08 11:27 PM #4    

Beth Gardner (Carr)

Hi I found everyone finally! I am excited to get in touch with friends. I will post pics as soon as I can.

07/23/08 08:40 PM #5    

Andrew Jones

No kids please, although I expect there will be a few babies that make an appearance. Generally, it will be pretty casual. I look forward to seeing you there!

07/31/08 01:36 AM #6    

Aimee Beckstead (Morgan)

So, who else is nervous to go to the reunion??? Ha ha

08/01/08 07:18 PM #7    

CHristopher Clark

This will be fun to see old faces that I haven't seen in quite some time. Well I'm looking forward to next week.

08/03/08 11:40 PM #8    

Monique Coulam (Higginson)

I am pretty disappointed that more people aren't participating........I am looking forward to seeing many faces from the past.

08/05/08 03:52 PM #9    

Jeremy Sharp

I remember graduation night what a night it was it brings tears to my eyes remembering way back then I was the luckiest person I had the best friends in the world and still do it was hard saying goodbye but alot of you have kept in touch with me over the years I think the world of you

08/08/08 04:42 PM #10    

Jacob Olson

Hey Everyone - This is Creighton Scott ... I cant wait to show everyone how buff I am now. I've been spending 5 days a week at the gym and I'm in the best shape of my life. My favorite thing to do now is pump iron. See you tomorrow. Love, Creighton.

08/08/08 04:46 PM #11    

Creighton Scott

Hello everybody. Jeremy Clegg here. Unfortunately, I will not be in attendance tomorrow night. I have an audition to be Stiles on the next Teen Wolf. I always did fashion myself after him. Kate Claflin, I was hoping to get into a good argument with you but we'll have to wait for the 20 year in 2018. I am busy trying to be the Clegg Supremacy.

08/08/08 05:06 PM #12    

Creighton Scott

Hello everyone - Kate Claflin Baker here. Jake Olson and I have been auditioning on "So You Think You Can Dance." After all, we did have the best partners dance during Spirit Week as Juniors. Jeremy Clegg, it's never fighting if I am always right. Well maybe we can hit up a multi-stake stomp afterwards and I can ride on your shoulders. Looking forward to tomorrow night.

08/08/08 05:14 PM #13    

Tom Nielsen

This is great! I wish I would have taken advantage of this message board sooner. Let's keep this going for the next ten years! Check out my sweet profile and make sure to read my family blog at

Also a quick favor for those that read this. Creighton Scott is doing tons better. Please be nice and don't ask too many questions. Try to save the laughter for when you get in your car after the reunion.

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