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STEP 1:  Register!  Find your name on the Classmate Profiles page (at top of this page), register with your own new password, enter your information, and set your preferences.  It is very easy to add and modify your information.  If I misspelled your name, correct it when you register.  If I totally missed you, or got the wrong photo, my apologies -- click on Contact Us on the left side of this page to let me know by email.  Also, registering does not commit you to attending the reunion.  This site is FREE and will not send you spam emails. 

STEP 2:  Confirm Your Email Address.  You should get an Opt-In email soon after you register.  Please be sure to click on the confirmation link in this email message.  If you don't, the site will not send you emails, even from fellow classmates.  You can resend the Opt-In email to yourself at any time, if you forget the first time around.

STEP 3:  Spread The Word!  After you're logged in, look at the list of Missing Classmates and get started sending emails or making phone calls to those you know to get them to register on this website.  We'd love to see everyone here, and at the reunion!  And please take a look at the In Memory page, and let us know about any we've missed there.  

STEP 4:  Add a Recent Photo.  We'll never recognize you at the reunion if you don't upload a recent photo of yourself.  (Well, maybe a few of you haven't changed much.)  Find your favorite jpg of yourself, and then go to your own profile, click the Edit Profile button, and click on the Master Photo picture frame to upload your photo.  And go ahead and upload some other fun photos (ancient or current) in your Edit Profile area, using the "Click To Add" button.  (Or send me a request for help, by clicking Contact Us at left, and I'll upload it for you, no charge.)

This site is careful about personal information.  Your email address, physical address, and phone number are displayed to no one but the site administrator.  Because your email address is kept confidential, emails generated by this site, including those from fellow Rams, come from "". 

-- Tom Rohlfing