Survey Results

It's been almost three year since our reunion, so maybe it's about time to reveal the results of our little website survey questions. Thanks to those who answered the questions.

It looks like Rosslyn Heights gets the grade school award for the most of our class of '65. Dilworth isn't far behind.

The most popular junior high situation was for those of us who went to Hillside, and stayed there through 9th grade. Most of us stayed in junior high for 9th grade.

Most of us were at Highland for three years, but not far behind was the four-year group.

Apparently KNAK was the radio station of choice back in our day. KUTA didn't get any takers, but we must have had one classical music lover, and a couple of country-western fans.

It should not be too surprising that Leave it to Beaver was the grand prize winner for the most-watched old program. Do you remember in those days we had to keep getting out of our chairs to adjust the horizontal and verticals hold knobs. And there wasn't much channel surfing then because you also had to get out of your chair to do that, not to mention that in Salt Lake there were only three channels to surf in those days anyway.