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Philip Ward

Philip Ward

Philip Lyle Ward, age 40, passed away March 3, 1988, in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Born January 8, 1948, Salt Lake City, to Lyle M. and Virginia D. Ward.  Married Maurine Jensen August 8, 1972, in the Salt Lake LDS Temple, later divorced.  Served in the LDS British South Mission.  Graduated from the University of Utah and the John Marshall Law School.  Active in the Republican Party.  Served as state administrative assistant to U.S. Congressman.  Was engaged in the private practice of law from 1978 to 1987, and at the time of his death, was with the Utah Attorney General's Office.  Was a High Priest in the LDS Church; served in the Elders Quorum presidency, as stake executive secretary, and as a high councilor.  Also, he was a greatly loved gospel doctrine and seminary teacher.  He will be remembered for his great infectious sense of humor.

Survived by mother and father; children; Mary Melissa, Laura Elizabeth, Eliot Lyle, Julie Ann, Rachel Rosemary, and Thomas Noah; brother, Brent Ward; sisters; Mrs. J.D. (Claudia) Heaton; Mrs. Antoine (Cleone) Rommney.

Funeral services will be held Monday, March 7, 12 noon, at the Monument Park8th Ward Chapel, 1794 South Texas Street (2390 East).  Friends may call at Larkin Sunset Lawn Mortuary,2359 East 1300 South, Sunday evening, 6-8 p.m., and at the ward, Monday, 11 a.m. - 12 Noon, prior to services.

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08/16/15 08:19 PM #1    

Marsha Draper (Fryer)

08/16/15 08:29 PM #2    

Marsha Draper (Fryer)

Phil Ward!  One of my favs!  I was heartbroken to hear about his early death..  When I was uploading the obits for the website & came to Phil's, and my memory went back to our senior yearbook and the famous "Philip Lyle Ward" stamp he had made.  Somehow I feel it appropriate to post it here on Phil's page.  Miss you Phil...🌠

10/27/15 06:41 PM #3    

Scott Bennion

philip lyle ward:  one of a kind.  no one any near like him.  as odd and hilarious as they come.  i know of three incidents when he shot a bottle rocket out of his pants.  the first one was on graduation night when he fired it at the night watchman who was riding his golf cart at the salt lake country club golf course, exploding a few feet over his head, eliciting salt lake's finest police. the second one i won't write about.  the last one was from the mesinine toward the stage, detonating in the middle of a full-house matinee play that was going on at the pioneer memorial theater up at the U.  why?  who will ever know.  it looked like it hurt, BAAD.  maybe i should just stop there.  i have an idea i won't.  maybe i should share a few other stories as we get closer to our 50th reunion.  i was in residency in boston when he would call me late late late at night, 3 a.m. or so.  he was dying of cardiomyopathy.  they had him on the list for a heart transplant.  one never came.  the last time i talked with him he told me how much he loved me...and kent scott and brigham spencer young...our rat pack at highland.  he asked me for one favor...SURE, WHAT?  "I WOULD LIKE YOUR HEART".  funny to the end.  he died at 40 years old.  



10/27/15 10:22 PM #4    

Marsha Draper (Fryer)

Scott Bennion knew we would enjoy these reminders of Phil, and it looks like Fred Smith, & Clark Alvey

 Phil, center stage, with Fred & Clark, Scott Donaldson and Mike Neeley to left

11/16/15 08:59 AM #5    

Scott Bennion

the great philip lyle ward.   for those of us with obsessive-compulsive disorders, these are two photos (under phil ward's comments) of our West High pep assembly.  Photo #2, L to R, scott donaldson/mike neeley/someone's butt, joe perry?/fred smith/PHIL WARD/clark alvey and stuart matheson, a token class of '67 participant, written into the skit and hanging by his pencil thin neck in photo #1.  

02/06/16 02:03 AM #6    

Sandra McCann (Poulsen)

Another one of the great ones who left us too soon!

02/13/16 09:14 AM #7    

Lori Duncan (Boyer)

Phil was one of my favorite people.  He was hilarious always but deep and caring as well.  He left us way too soon.

04/04/16 09:24 PM #8    

Alan Condie

I knew Phil very well since early childhood.  He had a great sense of humor (or as he put it: "best lack of humor!").  I took care of him multiple times at the U.of U. emergency department his last year.  Once he had lost over 60 pounds and was jogging past me at the gym and shouted back at me: "Hey Alan, if you don't lose weight you'll develop heart disease"... and I heard him chuckle as he ran around the corner out of view.

12/16/16 05:26 PM #9    

Clark Alvey

We had doubled to the Delta Gamma Spring Formal in 1970.  I was with Nan, my future wife.  Phil was with Chris Cannon, one of my wife's high school & sorority friends (the Chris Cannon that went to East not Highland). The ladies were in formal gowns and the men were in tuxedo's. 


The band had taken a break.  Phil, Chris, Nan and myself were sitting at one of the dining tables engaged in erudite formal wear conversation.  Phil, without saying anything to anyone, gets up, walks up on stage, stands in front of the microphone, clears his throat, taps the microphone a few times to get everyone's attention, and without saying anything, starts singing.  I think the song was "The Shadow of your Smile" but it may have been a different song.  Phil is singing a'cappella, in the style of Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra, and acting as if this is all part of the entertainment package.  I don't remember Phil being either good or bad - as a singer.  Having said that (and Phil not being a professional singer) there were a few glitches with his singing presentation. Nan and myself were smirking at each other. Chris was sitting there open mouthed and may have been a little embarrassed. Everyone in the audience seemed a little uncomfortable (as I reflect on it now, making everyone uncomfortable, by not knowing if he was serious or joking, was probably Phil's intention).  Anyway, Phil finishes the song, takes a bow, say's a little thank you to all of us in the audience, walks back to our table, sits down, and acts like it was all part of the show.  Dang, it was great. 


In answer to the obvious question, No - he wasn't drinking.  On the way home, Chris may have told Phil they were through dating. 

12/16/16 08:08 PM #10    

Sandra McCann (Poulsen)

Too funny!  So Phil, Clark!  

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