Year in Review

And what a year it has been!  Hurricanes devastated coastal towns and Puerto Rico, fires are burning up California, and mass shootings are incomprehensive.  And then there’s Washington.  It's almost scary to turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper.  Before beginning a new year, we need to look back at 2017 and remember those who have left us, cherish the good times with our loved ones, and look forward to the future for our kids, grandkids, and other loved ones.

As usual, I will start with the bad news and move to the good.

We lost three classmates this year and some of our classmates lost loved ones.

Richard Frank Schwarz passed on April 4 from cancer.
Sherry Alexander passed on May 14.  Sherry never joined the website and did not attend the 55-year reunion.  However, contact was made with her prior to the reunion.
Shirley McCullough Fasel passed on August 20 from sepsis, following surgery

We have lost 21 classmates since the 50-Year Reunion.  Eleven of them attended the reunion.

Loved ones that were lost include:

Jimmy Morris’ father Roger Morris on January 5.
Wanda Smith’s sister Sandra on January 13 of Lou Gehrig’s disease
Fred Cox’s father-in-law Charles Anderwald on February 2.  Fred wife Cheryl and her sister Sandra were both Lee graduates.
Bob Felling’s wife Stephanie Felling on April 13 due to breast cancer

Disc jockey Bruce Hathaway, who was a special guest at our 50-Year Reunion, passed on January 27.

On the positive side of all this, Marlene Simon and Adrien Simon’s dad turned 100 on April 29 and Jane Kennedy’s dad turned 101 on October 28.  Jane posted a very nice tribute to her “remarkable” father on the Message Forum.

Having reached that hard-earned time in life that puts you on vacation for the rest of your life – AKA retirement – are Rudy Rudewick who became a RETIRED Ordained Minister on July 1 and Jane Kennedy who retired on July 28.  Karen Kurth retired exactly one year ago (January 1, 2017) after 36 years with USPS.  She keeps herself busy in Auburn, WA house sitting and baby sitting her grandson.

Someone said “vacation”?  We have some travelers among us.  Having just mentioned Jane Kennedy, we’ll start with her.  Following her retirement, she and husband Guy took an Atlantic Crossing on the Queen Mary 2 and spent a week in England.

In August, Terry Obermiller posted that he and wife Candy had just returned from a 12 day cruise through the Fjords from Norway/Denmark/Iceland.  They were then scheduled to go to Israel in October for 11 days.  This would be their second trip to Israel as they had been there the previous October.

David Bearr had mentioned in a post that he and wife Diane were going to China April 6-15.

A Facebook post on October 13 found Dana Johnson enjoying the beautiful weather in Costa Rica and closing on a condo there.  Lucky you!

But, the travel prize goes to Betsy Lauderstein and husband Lee.  It’s hard to keep up with Betsy and her Facebook posts, but here’s what I got:

Feb. 6 – Headed to Santiago, Chile                           
Feb. 18 – Argentina
May 30 – Hawaii
Oct. 5 – Headed to Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct. 10 – Antwerp, Belgium
Oct. 12 – Dusseldoft, Germany
Dec. 9 – Four Seasons Resort Nevis, West Indies

Back on the home front, Carolyn Jacobson and husband Jack celebrated their 50th anniversary on October 14 with a big party of friends and family.  Congratulations!



In July John Baines welcomed a new grandson.  John said to watch for George in the first round of the 2037 NFL draft.  Twenty years!  We’ll all be watching, John.  What’s his last name?


Doreene Saunders’ grandson Jacob left on August 21 for Army Basic Training at Ft. Leonardwood, Mo.  He graduated on November 2  with one stripe for having done four years of ROTC in high school.  He is currently training at Ft. Lee, Va. as a tracked vehicle mechanic.  Oh, so proud of this kid man!


We have a published author among us.  Dr. Marilyn Cummins Leighman, a retired school counselor, announced on October 4 that her first book,  "Divorce: The Loss of the Dream" had been published. You can find it on Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobel.com and at bookstores.  The title says it all.


Adrien Simon and her committee will be picking up speed after the first of the year in planning the 55-Year Reunion to be held September 29, 2018.  Watch the website for more information as it becomes available.

Oh, and I almost forgot!  Our alma mater got a new name this year:  Legacy of Educational Excellence AKA L.E.E.

The news/information that I put in the Year in Review comes from several sources.  I have no filters when it comes to stealing something off Facebook or a post someone puts on our website.  But I also like emails or phone calls if you have news that I can post on the website and/or put in the Year in Review.


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