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11/04/08 12:52 PM #1    


Dale Carter

Sorry I missed the reunion. Miss Northern California, I am living in Southern California now and want to see if anybody is living down this way. Drop me a line at

11/05/08 02:42 PM #2    

Veronica Naber (Morgan)

What a great site! Thanks for putting it together. I was hoping someone might be able to tell us what happened to those classmates we have lost. If you know how they passed- illness, accident, etc. and when, I would like to know. I was shocked to see how many have already gone.

11/07/08 11:32 AM #3    

Ann Brewer

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the reunion and this website! It was so great to see everyone at the party and it's nice to be able to keep in touch through this awesome website!

01/02/09 01:46 PM #4    

Robert Grant

Happy New Year to all!!!

Cathy, thanks for putting this site together!!!

I was working at a company a couple of years ago doing photo restorations and was surprised that a picture of the 1975 Trojan football team had been sent in and even more surprised that it came to me! The person who had it restored lives in Southern California some place. Maybe it will show up on the site some place, right?

01/14/09 04:16 PM #5    

Andrea Blaze

Happy New Year to all.

I must say, this site is so much better than Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep us in touch.

01/26/09 01:46 AM #6    

Cathy Peek (Clary)

I just ran across this article about one of our infamous classmates, and thought I'd post it in case you are curious about what happened to Marlene...

A Local Murder

03/27/09 05:41 PM #7    

Christine Blackwell (Hall)

To Cathy Peek Clary and all,

The article said Marlene had been sentenced in 2003 to a nine year term. I made a few random, wild-hair calls, just for grins and to see if she wanted a pen-pal or something, (I figured not, but hey, right?) and I found out she has been released since then. If anyone ever speaks to her and remembers, please tell her I still very much care and I'm at least sending a hug, even if she might not want a pen pal of whatever sort, (snail mail/email.) She can always contact me at - annathule at yahoo dot com. She was one of my best friends in 9th grade and I hope, with this release, that she finds some peace and quiet in her life. We all deserve that much in our lives by now. Here's to hoping we've ALL found it by now.

03/27/10 11:47 AM #8    

Donna Hayward (Lewis)

Hi All Anyone Ever See Stef Aquilino? Donna Hayward/Lewis

08/09/10 02:33 PM #9    


Dale Carter

 Looking for classmates that live in Southern Calif. I live in the San Bernardino area. Would love to hook up with High School friends.

09/06/10 03:35 AM #10    

Deidre Babich (Yetter)

Isn't Stef still with the Richmond Garbage Co. or did his family finally sell it off?

09/10/10 04:52 PM #11    

Bill McGregor

 A real trip to find this site.  I wonder what some of you are up too sometimes.  For those that attended Mary E Silvera, I will post some more of the class photos.   Thanks Robyn Myers for posting this site.

03/28/11 03:27 PM #12    

Richard Regan (Regan)

Greetings fellow classmates !  Yea its me,  Rich Regan.  My apologies for not attending any of the reunions. Life has a way of zipping by.  Please feel free to email or contact me anytime. My direct email is

Great website !!  I have  so many found memories of Terra Linda. I am still in contact with some of our brothers and sisters from the class of 1977 and 78.   I talk with Ron Tallaritti and Mike Truitt all the time.

PS>  If anyone has a picture of me in the 1977 year book I could get - that would be super ! My kids think I was born old and grumpy !  lol



07/13/12 08:47 PM #13    

Mike Sessi


From:  Thana Johnson Fineman TLHS 1978

For members of our class who grew up in Upper Lucas Valley, there will be a reunion on Saturday, July 21st. Many of you have already purchased your tickets, but I just wanted to make sure none of the Dixie School Alumni missed out on the memories and fun. LUCAS VALLEY REUNION July 21, 2012 6:30 – midnight Lucas Valley Community Center Complete details, purchase tickets, view photos and videos and see list of who is attending at..

11/03/12 09:14 PM #14    

Edward Makaruk

Wow used to go and smoke weed there with the walsh bros and billy bomb boy wieman, lucas valley community center.Man that goes back.

04/22/13 07:39 PM #15    

Mike Sessi

Ted Hass has informed me that Jeff Cratty is inviting all TL classmates.
Marinwood community center, July 6.
If you have more information, please let us know.
Mike Sessi

06/28/14 02:07 AM #16    

Carol Haagens

Thank you for posting the slideshow ~ It showed up somehow in my email today.

05/26/17 07:08 PM #17    

Diane Dambley (Andre)

Hi everyone. Doug and I have been living in Kelseyville, CA, beautiful Lake County, for 7 years now. I haven't heard of we are having a 40 year reunion. How about something inexpensive, maybe at a park? . 'll

05/26/17 07:10 PM #18    

Diane Dambley (Andre)

Had yt? trouble with end of post, and it wouldn't let me edit. Please email me, if we are having a reunion, at Thank you.

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