Dawn Perrin Dial

Profile Updated: October 1, 2017
Where do you live now? Canadian, TX USA
What did you do right after high school? What do you do now? Went to college for a year and moved back home for a year. Married and moved to Texas. Been here since 79 and love my little town.
What have you always wanted to do that you haven't done yet? Skydiving
What would we be surprised to know about you? I can snow ski!
What's one of your favorite memories from Sarasota High School? Anything Chorus related. The friendships that were found there. Gaining confidence by being taught by More…Andy Wright. Trips, contests, performing at the Purple Cow and being proud of the music we performed.
Married? Children? Grandchildren?

Married 26 years to my mechanic hubby, Joe
Daughter by choice Joy born 1971 2 granddaughters
Daughter by choice Kathy born 1975 1 granddaughter
Daughter Kimberly born 1980 Died August 2000 in car accident in Sarasota 5 1/2 months pregnant...my Granddaughter, Addie will be a Jr. at SHS this year.
Daughter Melissa born 1981 2 grandsons by birth 1 grandson and 1 granddaughter by marriage....I claim them all.
Son Christopher born 1984 2 granddogs...still hoping!

School Story

Gymnastics...I landed headfirst solo many times. Will never forget landing my 10th back handspring in the bleachers and looking across the gym and seeing my then crush laughing...or the tennis team sitting in the bleachers I landed in and as I'm fixing to land face down...someone yelling STOP! Getting up slowly and seeing my "spotter in the opposite corner flirting with some guy. And finally...the very unsympathetic Shorthand teacher who thought I was faking my injury to get out of taking shorthand!

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Dawn Perrin Dial has a birthday today.
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Dawn Perrin Dial has a birthday today.
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Dawn Perrin Dial has a birthday today.
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