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Paul Dornburg
Paul Dornburg


Paul Dornburg


Paul Dornburg


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Owensboro, KY USA
Spouse/Partner Carolyn Dornburg
Occupation Retired
Children Gina Marie born 1970
Paul Edward Jr. born 1972

1969-1970 Got married, graduated college (HVCC) went to work
1970-1979 Worked for Langan Porsche/Audi, Hathaway Oldsmobile/Jeep, Natale Cadilac/Olds, got divorced, started racing (not necessarily in that order)
1979 Had 5 jobs, finished year unemployed
1979, October, Road Trip, Schenectady to San Fransico, moving my brother, non-stop, 66 hours in a CJ5 Jeep. (My ears still ring from that one)
1979, November, Interviewed with GE for a 6-month contract position in Owensboro, KY
1980 Moved to Owensboro KY to work for GE Small Motors when contract job became permanent
1980 Track Champion at Kentuck Motor Speedway
1982 Got married again to KY girl
1983 Laid off from GE Motors, went to work for GE Aircraft Engine
1984 Quit GE Aircraft Engine went to work for WR Grace, began a 23-year career
1984 Track Champion at Kentuck Motor Speedway, again
1990 Divorced again
1991, August, Met future wife #3, another KY girl
1992 Job with WR Grace became job with Hampshire Chemical
1993, September, Married that girl and bought a house
1994, September, Married her again on the same date, this time in the church
1997 Job with Hampshire Chemical became job with Sentra-Chem
1999 Job with Sentra-Chem became job with Dow Chemical
2001 Job with Dow chemical became job with WR Grace (ask me when you see me)
2003 Left job with local WR Grace plant to take a corporate job with WR Grace
2009 Laid off from WR Grace when IT department was contracted out
2010 Started own business teaching SAP Plant Maintenance work order system
2010-2011 Contracted to Goodyear in Akron OH (ask me how a tire is made)
2011-2015 Contracted to Mead Johnson Nutrition (ask me where they sent me)
2016 Retired

School Story

Not a school story but a story none the less. In the late 1970's my life in Schenectady was not getting better. In November of 1979 a friend of my Mom, who was doing contract work at GE, overheard his boss say something about a job in KY teaching women how to build motors. He knew I was teaching some night school courses to women about cars so he figured cars, motors, they've got to be the same, so he recommended me. I interviewed on a Tuesday, went back for another interview on Thursday then went back one more time on Friday. They gave me a one-way plane ticket to Owensboro, KY leaving on Sunday, just 2 days away. I went to KY and learned that the job was teaching women how to build form-coil motors. I had to learn fast about building them and I did. I did so well that the man who I was contracted to offered me a permanent job after just 3 weeks. I've been in KY ever since.

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