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30 Year Reunion Pics

Saturday Morning Golfers

The Gals. Kim (Egr)Brath, Julie (Faltys)Bidoux, SeAnn(Mason) Haynes, Peggy (Johanson) Dolliver, Dori (VanArsdale)Kroeger 

The Golf Studs, front row Dennis Dolliver, Dan Cerny

middle, Bill Egr, Tony Hruban, Scott Krejci, Frank Theisen, Alan Kruse

back Jeff Kracl, John Berglund

SeAnn getting ready for her ever first golf outing. 

Kim (Egr) Brath

"No you have to hit it over here into the hole"

John Berglund Tees off.  Wow, no wonder he can't hit the ball straight!

You loose another Ball?

Frank Theisen shows his form.

Kim, Frank and Dan take a break in the shade.

Peggy Dolliver and Alan Kruse awaiting to tee off.

I think they may have had a bit too much happy juice.

Jeff Kracl, John Berglund

The Payne Stewart tribute.

OK now on 3. 1...2...

Bill Egr, Sharon (Novacek) Kovar, Mark Chappell

Bonnie (Kasik) McPhillips, Eileen Bergt

Dan Cerny,guest Jane Crister, Alan Kruse, Lettie Bruckner(Richard's wife)

Dennis Dolliver, Ann (McNally)Ladwig

Richard Bruckner

John Berglund, Scott Krejci, Stuart Krejci


Frank Theisen, Kevin Marking

Dennis Dolliver, Julie (Faltys) Bideaux, Peggy Dolliver, Randy Esterling, Kim (Novak) Grossnicklaus

Dave Capoun (Class of '79 loser), Ann (McNally) Ludwig,

Dennis Dolliver, Tim Healy, (are they dancing together?) and Steve Huber

Jane Dvorak, guest Lonnie

Jeff Kracl, Tony Hruban-wake up

Sue and Larry Loseke

"79ers Lori Berglund, Kerri Healy

Bob (Smiley) Tomcak, Dori (VanArsdale) Kroeger, Brian Goff

Steuart Krejci, Chuck Zelasny, Scott Marco

Sue (Rickert) Krejci, Suzie Krejci, Deb Kracl

Tim Healy, Steve Huber

 Sunday Horseshoe participants

Horseshoe champions SeAnn and Richard recieve their trophies from Jeff Kracl

Brian Goff displaying his shoes form.

Jeff throws as Scott Krejci looks on, laughing probably.

Yes, I can balance on one foot.

Kevin Zrust lets a ringer go.

Julie Bideaux, Peggy Dolliver