What's Your Tune, Sabercat?

High School years are usually the era of peoples lives where they mase a deep  connection with music. Just hearing certain songs and "Bam!" you are right back in those days!   We want to make sure we have the music YOU want to hear at our celebration of our 50-Year Reunion.  Take a few minutes and share what songs you feel are essential to our party! 

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1)   List some songs you feel are "Must Play" for the celebration!

2)   * List some songs you feel would be great for getting the party going as well as stir up some memories from our "era".

3)   List any genres or artists that you would NOT care to hear during the celebrations.

We can't make everyone happy, but if we see several people who feel strongly about certain artists or songs, we will prioritize the choices with the most popular ones listed. So let your voice be heard!