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Bill Arpin

Bill Arpin

After a very courageous battle, William Patrick Arpin, known to his friends as Bill or Billy, passed away from cancer on November 7, 2008.  He is survived by his wife; Pam Hill Arpin, parents; Gary and Helen Arpin, and brother; Dan Arpin.  He was a passionate, wonderful, loving friend, husband and son who will be terribly missed.

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11/09/08 09:58 PM #6    

Jamie Gartman

This is what I posted at jacket house. My condolences to you guys who knew Billy well and were close to him.

I'm surprised at how saddened I am by this. That probably sounds stupid. I haven't seen Billy since high school and we weren't really friends then. We were friends in elementary school. We were in the 4th grade chior together and I remember when we won the Grant Co. talent show in McKenzie Hall(remember that place?), Billy is the one I high fived and hugged. In junior high, like many others, our friendship faded as our interests changed and cliques were formed. We rarely spoke to each other after that. Right before we graduated, I went to eat at a chinese restaurant in Sherwood with my girlfriend's church group. Billy had been invited too. I talked with him a lot that night and we talked about our elementary school days with the chior and all that and just caught up. I remember thinking that night how stupid we are as kids that we let such trivial things get in the way of what could be lasting friendships and relationships. Even though I didn't know him anymore, I'm very saddened by his passing. He was one of us.

Then there's Pam. One of the sweetest souls I ever knew in school. From what I've been told, she hasn't changed. Pam and I were friends in school. In fact, she was my 5th grade girlfriend. But, other than seeing her a couple of times on the UALR campus, I haven't seen or known Pam since high school. But, I know she has dealt with loss before. This girl has had more than her fair share of loss in her life and it's heartbreaking to see her go through it again. She and her children need the kind of strength right now that only God can provide so please pray for God to grant them the strength and peace that they need to endure.

11/10/08 06:54 PM #7    

Nikki Broomas (Bellott)

I didn't really know Bill,but I knew Pam. I'm very sorry for the Arpin family's loss. You will be in my prayers.

11/11/08 01:17 PM #8    

Melody Gartman (Lucas)

Bill was one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! Go rest high on that Mountain,Bill!

11/11/08 05:58 PM #9    

Paul Allen

Thoughts and Prayers for Pam and all of Billy's family and friends.
You will be Missed. I am a better person for having known him for what little time I knew him

11/13/08 05:18 PM #10    

Suzy Tilmon (Tabor)

Our deepest sympathy is with Pam and the family at the loss of Billy. Billy was a wondeful person and very talented, I am blessed to have known him and he will be deeply missed.

11/14/08 03:39 PM #11    

Becky Cox

Although I didn't know Bill well, I do remember him. Pam was one of my friends and I recenctly got reconnected with her before she moved to Texas. My thoughts and prayers are with her and the Arpin family as they go through this time. God bless you all and remember to lean on Him.

11/18/08 12:48 PM #12    

Matthew Adkins

Billy changed the way I saw the world and made me who I am. That world will never quite be the same.

11/20/08 12:09 PM #13    

Stacie Mealer (Davis)

Our thoughts and prayers are with Pam and the rest of the family.

11/29/08 10:42 AM #14    

Crystal Clark (Woods)

Billy was funny, witty, smart, sweet, talented, caring, compassionate... Although we lost touch after high school, I always remembered Billy fondly and was glad to hear it when he and Pam were married. Such a tragedy to lose someone so good so young. My thoughts and prayers are with Pam and the rest of Billy's family.

12/04/08 02:08 PM #15    

Mandy Stewart (Skinner)

Bill was a great person who will be deeply missed. Pam I am truly sorry for your loss.

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