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Tammy Alexander


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09/19/08 07:20 PM #1    

Jamie Gartman

Tammy passed in October 1986.

09/19/08 11:34 PM #2    

Melody Gartman (Lucas)

The date would be October 17, 1986.

09/19/08 11:45 PM #3    

Jamie Gartman

That sounds about right. I will remember that night for a long time. Most everybody knows Chris Paty's sister, Alicia was killed in the same wreck. I was with Chris that night. We were on our way out to the accident site and his truck broke down. I really believe God was protecting him and didn't want Chris to see his sister like that. I believe I remember him telling me that when he went to get his truck the next day, it started right up. Bad night.

09/20/08 01:01 PM #4    

Micah Wilson (Williams)

Tammy, Alicia and I were like the three Musketeers. I was also suppose to be in that car that night, but I ended up staying behind at the football game, probably because of a boy. The night was October 17, 1986 at 10:25 pm.

Tammy Michelle Alexander was born November 24, 1970 in North Little Rock and passed away on October 18, 1986 at Baptist Medical Center in Little Rock, at age 15. She was a member of Immanuel Baptist Church and the Ephesus 4-H Club. She was survived by her parents Sue and Lloyd Alexander. Tammy was laid to rest on October 20,1986 at Philadelphia Cementary in Prattsville.

I do have a tenth grade picture of her and another one if they need downloaded for her profile. As I am sitting here looking at her pictures and reading the articles from that very day, so many memories come back. Tammy wore a huge smile all the time and it was beautiful. Tammy, Alicia and I spent that last summer together going swimming and hanging out and of course as any high school girls do...Talking about boys. She was an amazing person and had an amazing family who loved her so very much. I will always miss those two and not a day goes by that I don't think why them and not me. In the blink of the eye, I lost my musketeers.

09/20/08 04:42 PM #5    

Trina Smurl (Williams)

I will always remember that night, too. That summer our youth group had gone to Branson, MO for a trip. Tammy, Alicia and Brian Wilson and I spent most of our time together on that trip. We had so much fun. Then a few weeks later they were gone. It didn't seem real. I still miss them.

09/21/08 10:00 AM #6    

Crystal Clark (Woods)

I remember Tammy when her last name was "Boney" too. My cousins Carla and Donald Tubbs lived just down the road from Tammy and Chris and Alicia Paty, and I spent a lot of time with them all. The deaths of Tammy and Alicia hit the neighborhood hard.

09/25/08 09:34 AM #7    

Michelle Watson (Cummings)

She always had such a great attitude about life in general. I grew up with her we were also pretty close in grade school and middle and we spent some time together in the summer of 85. I miss her but I know she is in a wonderful place. I did a memorial in my annual in 87 and alot of people signed it to her I copyed the pages for her mother and she really appreciated it.

I will always remember the night she went to be with the Lord we were sitting at Sonic and we started hearing the ambulances, firetrucks and emergency vehicles. I felt in my spirit that someone I knew was hurt really bad. Foolishly we followed and when we arrived we found out it was Tammy and Alicia. We heard how bad it was and they asked everyone to go back about a mile. They were bringing in Lifeflight.

We left and went home the next day we heard that Tammy and Alicia had pass away. I so wanted to fall apart that day and I am pretty sure I did cry alot. It made me realize that even at 15 and 16 we were not invinceable.
It change my life forever. I will never forget her beautiful face. May she forever rest in sweet peace.

09/26/08 01:35 PM #8    

Lana Lisenbey (Erb)

I had Tammy in several classes and that year just started and she sat right behind me in Mr Sharp's class. After she died, and I went back to school that Monday it was really strange not having her behind me. I have visited her grave often and Its still very sad to me because she was so young. God had better things for her.

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