Picture Exchange


I have created a photobucket account for classmates to view reunion pictures, and I have labeled each picture naming who is in each image, when I knew the people.  

You each have the ability to leave comments under the pictures, and edit the picture name by clicking the BLACK link ABOVE each picture.    I know some of you have pictures in your cameras and we encourage each of you to upload them to the photobucket site. 

Click an image if you want to see it larger and read who is in the image. 

Go to:  www.Photobucket.com 

User name is:  shs79

Password is:  sheridan1979

If you would like the FULL size image (uncompressed), please e-mail me the picture number and I will send it to you via e-mail, if I have it on my hard drive (some images remember will be uploaded by other classmates and I will not have them) we will attempt to locate who has that image.