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07/25/13 01:31 PM #1    


Mike Teague

Welcome to the Sherman High School Class Of 1968 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/27/13 08:46 PM #2    


Mike Teague

Hi all,

Ron Gafford,Mike Bruce and I welcome you to this new website.  We are typical guys that its hard to light a fire under.  We plan on working to make this a fun place to visit.  Please post your ideas here and keep in touch.

07/27/13 10:20 PM #3    


Terry Williams

Great work boys.........keep it up!


Terry Williams

07/27/13 11:21 PM #4    


Mike Teague

10-4 good buddy!

07/28/13 06:25 PM #5    

Butch Panter

Great work guys

07/28/13 07:37 PM #6    


Mike Teague

oh stop it!

07/29/13 09:21 PM #7    


Joe Fawcett

Yep, Mike...good job!  Actually, darn good job on the site! cool  

08/24/13 05:10 PM #8    


Tracy Hughes

O...M....G...I had NO idea!  You guys just get BETTER & BETTER,uh,...age. Yeah, that's it,... Age!

Like Greek Gods! You look magnificent, my dalhings. I can't wait to touch you...,, like, um...shake all your hands! Uh, well, maybe not ALL your hands, but, ...umm..., you know,...your that. You know...!

05/05/14 05:34 PM #9    


Max Davis

It was great to see everyone at the recent reunion. Thanks for your work, along with the rest of the planning team.

07/31/15 08:27 PM #10    


Mike Teague

i hope to see this picture expanded at the 50th reunion!


03/14/18 10:54 AM #11    

Susan Parker (Pinion)

Thanks to Ina Crow Miller, we have now located Peggy Burns.  Thank you Ina for letting me know where Peggy is. 

Unfortunately, I have added four more names to our 'Missing List'.  Does anyone have a mailing address for:

Dan Kever, Francis Ryan, Virginia Stewart and Genevie Taylor. 

Their postcards were returned to me after our January mailing, and I don't know where they've moved.  I have sent Dan several emails, asking for his current mailing address, but I haven't heard back from him.  Any help on finding our 'missing classmates' is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you,

Susan Parker Pinion

02/03/20 02:51 PM #12    

Susan Parker (Pinion)

Pam, I got your message.  Susan

02/24/20 10:20 PM #13    


Joe Fawcett

Hello my fellow classmates.  Since Louann went to Heaven on November 2, 2019 - friends may want to ask me, “Joe, how are you doing?” But the reality is that most really don’t know what to ask me or really what to say to me or anyone who is grieving the loss of a spouse.  I’ll be attending the March 5, lunch gathering. So, here’s what I need for you to know from the depths of my heart that I’ve learned from the weekly gathering I’ve been attending called GriefShare:

  • If you knew or met Louann, please talk to me about her.
  • Be a quiet listener and let me talk about Louann and share memories.
  • Ignoring my grief does not make it go away.
  • If I’m sad, let me be sad. You may want to, but please don’t try to cheer me up. It’s important for me to feel the emotions I’m feeling.  It all brutally works against me if I try to suppress them.
  • Sometimes it may appear that I’m functioning fine and that I’m doing well.  Understand that outward appearances can be deceiving. More likely I’m crying on the inside.
  • Don’t make comments about next year being better or time healing my deep wounds; my concerns are focused on the here and now.
  • Understand that I can’t do everything I used to do in the past, but don’t hesitate to invite me to do things anyway. If I can’t go it may be due to my schedule or it may be due to me just needing to be alone at that time.
  • Let me cry if I need to.  Yes, grieving men do cry, we even weep.  You don’t have to say anything  - just hand me tissues and be there for me.
  • Understand that grief can go on for a number of years. There’s no established time limit. I do pray that the Lord will shorten the process. Regardless, I trust Him with my grieving process.
  • Please don’t make judgments about how long it’s taking me to grieve.
  • If your loved one has passed, I’d love to talk to you about the similar things we’ve experienced and are experiencing right now.

I love you guys. I look forward to seeing you all at the lunch gathering March 5.

02/25/20 11:57 AM #14    

Linda Phillips (Jacobs)

Joe, I read your message today and I agree with you. Grief takes its own time and you need to do what is right for you. Don't let anyone try to dictate how you should be acting. I have walked this walk and it takes time to get to a place of peace.

You are still in my thoughts and I will continue to pray for strength for you in this journey, Cherish all your memories. Have you thought about journaling? That has helped me alot even now. Write down what is in your heart.

Take care,


02/25/20 06:22 PM #15    

Tom McGarrigle


    I'm so sorry for your loss and so happy that you had someone that special to share so much of your life with.


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