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BHS Class of 1979...Get ready for our 45th Reunion! The event, OCT 11-13, will be held in the Phoenix area.  Please fill out the survey in the left  column, by June 30th, this will help determine exact location, prices and attendees!  Get ready for a great time reconnecting again with our long time friends and classmates.  GO COLTS   


The video slideshow shown at the 40th reunion can now be viewed on YOUTUBE via the links listed below.   If you'd like a copy on DVD, please contact Sally (Ryan) Arvizu at 480-200-0819 or salarvizu@gmail.  

Praying that everyone is staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.  

Part One:

Part Two:




   Here is the Link to the 40th Reunion pictures. (please excuse the additional pictures after our Reunion, some of you will enjoy looking at the BHS78 Reunion pictures taken last year)




Check out our Class Facebook page for pictures and comments on our 40th Reunion :  BUENA 79 REUNION*F 




December 28th Xmas reunion!!  Looking Great!!

C/O 79& 80 Holiday Get Together 12/12





 50th Birthday Bash Pictures  

                      Click on the cake below




  "Happy Hour Social" on  July 4th at APPLEBEES in SV....We still got IT!!!!. 


In this photo:
Barbara Poole ('80), Lori Fisk ('80), Debbie Johnson Nikitas ('80), David Gibbs ('80), Brooks Browne ('79), Tracy Brown Robinson ('79), Tony McMullen ('80), Cindy Meyer ('80), Grant Thomas ('80), Edie Trusty ('79), Gene Grinde ('79)


A "Photo Gallery" feature for everyone to add pictures on the camera below to take you to the page...we'll start with recent family pictures, but we can add different categories too... just let me know what you would like...


 We still Look GREAT!!



"Truly great friends are hard to find, 

difficult to leave, and impossible to forget"  ~ G. Randolph


 It's hard to believe that we have been out of high school as long as we have.  There have been many changes, experiences, heartaches and triumphs in our lives over the years.  Let's face it, high school was a very strange time for us; hormones, self-discovery, uncertainty, friendships, cliques ... but that's all in the past.  We've grown, changed and endured.  We should be called the BHS Family of 1979 

  "Our Friends Are A Very Important Part Of Our Lives. Treasure The Tears, TreasureThe Laughter, But Most Importantly, Treasure The Memories."  

Check out this cool BHS forum website, free to join, click here.  Good site to get your senior picture.   Another fun and free social site is: ______________________________


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This website was created to promote, celebrate and reconnect with all members of Buena High School Class of 1979.Your participation is essential for it to succeed!

Please Note: This site is for attendees and graduates of  Buena High School, Class of 1979. It is completely FREE to all of the above and is privacy protected. And, there will NEVER be annoying advertising on this site.


We need your photos, updates, and memories to enhance this site as well as to make certain it represents ALL of the members from the BHS Class of 79. Even if you haven't attended a reunion, nor kept in touch at all since graduation, we ask that you please take the time to update your profile and maybe even submit a photo or two.  We're certain your fellow classmates would love hearing from you! And, you may even reconnect with an old friend!  Your submissions will make this site fun, interesting and complete. So, add your own personal touch and see what happens! 

315 of us Classmates as of 05/28/24 are on here!

   "Build it and they will come"  Amazing! We began building this website in Sept, 2008 and more than 52% of our classmates have registered already. Around 5 of us log into this site daily! There have been more that 12,000"hits". With your help to keep spreading the word, we will continue to see new classmates checking in everyday! Let's keep it rolling... Go COLTS !      

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