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10/31/09 07:41 PM #3    

Steve Pittleman

Hey Gene! It wasn't me who dented Joe's car, of course that 225 had to be 30 or 40 feet long so anyone could smack it and you'd never feel it. It would be great if he could travel to the reunion.

11/07/09 07:32 PM #4    

Roy Seabolt

Shared Photo Update - Lee Levine has shared a photo of the 1966 Forest Knolls sports team. Check it out.

11/08/09 10:01 PM #5    

Roy Seabolt

Its a small, small world. As a result of this website, I have found out that an individual that I work with, also was a part of the class of 1970.

What reconnections have you made? (Share your stories under Message Forums)


11/09/09 01:49 PM #6    

Bonnie Resnick

Hi everyone. I wrote to Mr. Diemert as well. Hopefully I won't get in trouble for toilet papering his car and house (with D'Vorah and Kathy, of course!). We did this on more than one occasion. The last time, right before he was leaving, we were "busted." My mom called to let him know what we were up to, and he met us outside with a garden hose... full blast soaking which we all deserved. What great memories. Does anyone know if there is a possibility that he'll attend the reunion? I certainly hope so. And I hope to see you all next October. -Bonnie

01/06/10 03:34 PM #7    

Paula Machlin

Hello All

On the topic of making connections, does anyone have a kid in college at Carleton in Minnesota? My son David is a freshman, and I thought it would be funny to let him know if any of my high school mates have kids there. (He probably won't really care, but what the heck.)

He is on crutches for the next few weeks post knee surgery, unfortunately, so he might be fairly easy to spot, moving slowly across the ice and snow...

Paula Machlin

01/20/10 11:19 AM #8    

Clifford Lapkoff

mont blairs 40th is the same weekend,im sure this will be a conflit to some

01/25/10 10:57 PM #9    

Antonio Magri

Hello Everybody at Northwood HS Class of 1970
I am so happy of this website, because finally I will be able to contact some of the people I liked while I was there( Sept 1967- June 1970)
Regards to you all and hope to see you at the big 40th reunion.
Thanks to Roy Seaabolt for this wonderful website and Robin Dinsmore for contacting me early January 2010.
Grazie a tutti e due, gracias a Uds, thanks to both of you

02/22/10 06:32 PM #10    

Melanie Strachan

Thanks for posting the Four Corners Elementary Class picture. Sadly, I have to say that Mrs. Candler passed away just a week or so ago. MEL

02/23/10 09:12 PM #11    

William Milans

After reading the postings about Mr. Diemert … I was in his seventh period class, what a way to end the day ... I remember one afternoon he had a rubber snake in his attaché case ... he rolled it up tight and lowered the top so the snake would move when the top was raised … I think it was Patty Smith whom Mr. Diemert asked to retrieve an item for him that was inside ... what a scream she had ... I believe it scared Joe just as much …

I wonder if Joe ever figured out who raised the heal on one of his shoes … remember he use to take them off once in awhile while teaching … I managed to get one of them out from under his desk. I speed down to Mr. Stowes woodshop. I remove the heal and make a spacer increasing the height of the heal about half an inch, returned to class and put it back under his desk … never did know what happened … never asked … smile

02/27/10 09:29 PM #12    

Andy Kromulis (Kromulis)

Responding to Ricks suggestion about a run or cruise. Sounds pretty good to me. I (we)like cruising in my Chevelle. I'd prefer the trip to the Eastern shore. More open driving hate congestion like Montgomery Co.
Trouble is Rick I don't think there are a whole lot of cycle or classic car owners in this group. I know of 2 Lee Levine he lives in the area and Don Smallwood he lives in SC.

03/07/10 05:48 PM #13    

Andy Kromulis (Kromulis)

Hey Rick I live on the AA Calvert line about 5 mi from Dunkirk. About 20 mi north of Prince Frederick. Now Lee, he lives in MC County. So we never get together.

03/12/10 05:38 PM #14    

Barbara Daly (Gnaedig)

Does anyone have information about Mr. Gallagher, who taught math and philosophy, my most memorable high school class.

03/30/10 12:12 PM #15    

Deborah Gottlieb (Frieden)

Yes, Mr. Deimert was great - he had me going in to inner city schools to do first hand research and even had me and my boyfriend to dinner at his home. I too am trying to reach Mr. Gallagher who also inspired me...anyone know anything?

03/30/10 05:28 PM #16    

Barbara Daly (Gnaedig)

I tracked down Mr. Gallagher with Oren Kaplan's help. He found his address and phone number in Germantown, MD from his home in Israel. Good job, Oren!
After NHS, Mr. Gallagher taught at Poolesville High School, and then for 24 years at Montgomery College. He's been retired since '95. He doesn't have email, but he promised to have his son (CIO at NIH) email me (hasn't happened yet). He would be interested in coming to the reunion.

04/01/10 01:55 PM #17    

Susan Greenstone (Pearlman)

If anyone has an extra year book I am missing mine from the year we graduated I would like to know how I can get a copy of one This is a good project because more people could have lost their yearbooks and it would be a good way to get more money for the class.

Thank you Susan (Greestone) Pearlman

04/06/10 11:52 AM #18    

Tomi Pettenati (Fabri)

Who knows how I can find Presta Walter...I've lost track of her and want to invite her to the reunion...Hi to everyone else and can't wait to hear all the great stories of the 70's at the reunion.
Remember trying to guess what P. M. Wilson's full name was? He was a trip. Mrs. Shoop saw me at a teacher's meeting when I taught at Rockville High for a year and said that made her fell old...she was my youngest teacher. Mr. Gallagher would be proud that I specialize in teaching math to LD students. Mr. Frey and Mr. Diemert sent me on to be a psyc. major and then I went on to become a special ed. teacher. Still teaching... Tomi Pettenat Fabri

06/03/10 03:52 PM #19    

JoAnn Fleishman (Green)

Hello All,

Has anyone heard from CeCe Goldberg?  I think of her often.

07/14/10 11:20 AM #20    

Laurie Thanos (Collins)

Does anyone have any class pictures from Dennis Avenue Elementary to post? 

09/27/10 09:50 AM #21    

Linda Sandhaus

Dear Classmates,

It's been fascinating to catch up on so many of you through this fabulous website - what an unexpected blast from the past!  I want to thank Roy and the other organizers of website and the reunion for putting this all together and for getting so many of us in touch with each other again.  I am living in Cleveland now, also home of The Indians!  I am disappointed not to be attending the reunion, but I will be thinking of you and hope to catch up with some of you in person in the near future.  Cheers to the Class of '70!

11/13/11 12:18 PM #22    

Shari Faina

 I don't know if this is the correct place to put this, but it is the first place I found to post something.  A local group is giving a concert today and the Randall Thompson Alleluia is on their play list.  This is the best one I found on You Tube.  It sounds JUST like us!

 I don't remember which concert it was, but one time I was totally lifted away singing this.  It is probably my most memorable music memory ever.

04/20/12 03:34 PM #23    


Ellen Measell (Partlow)

Best wishes to all my former classmates, assuming you remember me!  High School is a distant memory, soon overtaken by college, then by marriage, then by raising my son, then by enjoying my grandchildren.  I wish everyone a good senior life, since the class is or will be entering their 60's this year.  

07/28/12 10:19 AM #24    


Brian Morse

I think we should ban reading glasses hanging out of your shirt pocket at the 50th reunion!

i.e. Mark Leas, Eddie Lamar


11/14/12 04:36 AM #25    

Ralph Huffman

Without my reading glasses I would not be able to see anyone elses hanging from their pockets!--LOL.

05/19/14 05:41 PM #26    

Alan Cohen

I know im getting old now that I think about you high school guys.  Good luck at the beach you girls. Been chatting with Ron Reed.  Never beat him once in all our games of basktball.  Gppd ;icl a;; of upi ever read this. Ha. Big Al. 

04/26/19 11:51 AM #27    

Richard (Rick) Reichard

Am planning 10 day (depending ) road trip on Harley trike to the 50th. Would prefer avoid .Dec-Mar due to ice in land of Yankees Anybody else riding up from paradise ??


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