Peter Braun

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Children Teddy Braun, born 12-21-2004
Where do you live now? northbrook, IL USA
What do you do now? Math/English Tutor
Yes! Attending Reunion
Where else have you lived?

Arlington Heights, Lisle, Chicago, Naperville

How did you get into that?

via and Mathnasium


I worked for ServiceMaster and Aramark for almost two decades as a database and Web Publishing expert.

School Story: What are your memories of high school (i.e. secret crush, embarrassing moment, funniest thing you did in high school, favorite high school hang out?

I remember playing golf and tennis at Niles East, not well at all, but everyone made the team.

I hung out on Harding Ave, playing Poker with the Harding gang.
Grew up near Harding, which must have had about 22 kids and about nine families with kids.

I tried to play tennis and golf at Niles North but ran into a lot more competition. ha.

The funniest moment at East was in a science lab. I connected my Bunson burner to the water spigot and not to the gas outlet. the result?: a mini Buckingham Fountain.

Do you still have family around?

My brother, Ivo, lives in Skokie, in our folks old home.

How often do you get back to the Chicago area?

I live there now.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

I met Web Tom at the East reunion. We talk.

At times, I talk to Lee Kantz and David Hofstede.
David Zavell called recently.

What did you do right after high school?

went to Northwestern, studied Liberal Arts

What did you want to do or think you were going to do when you finished high school?


What did you always want to do that you haven't done yet?

Write, do comedy writing, work for a standup.

High points of your life since high school?

marriage, the birth of Teddy, owning our home outright, going to NYC for US Open and more, winning the Employee of the Quarter award, tutoring seven days per week individually, owning my dream car; publishing many good photos weekly, shooting a 42 for nine at golf league, winning the College of Dupage Tennis Tournament.

What do you like to do for fun in your spare time?

read the news on Ipad, computer, facebook, write, phone friends. I used to bike a lot; still hike a lot. Do photography, play some tennis and golf. Online shop a lot. Ebay shopping. Add cool cameras and lenses to my collection. Fiddle with old laptops or PCs and upgrade them.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I was born in Prague. I won a writing award or two at Northwestern.

What's your favorite memory of your Niles West High School years?

I was Niles East guy. Favorite memory was walking through our courtyard in the winter when it was above 40 degrees. Going to AZA meetings and BBYO parties.

What is your least favorite memory of your Niles West High School years?

Losing many friends to West, while I headed off to North.

Biggest thing you would do differently if you went back to your time at Niles West High School?

join the newspaper and yearbook staff. Do a winter sport, such as swimming or wrestling. Try a photo club or take photos for the yearbook.

What sports did you play or clubs did you belong to?

tennis and golf.

Any words of wisdom?

lead a balanced life. Don't study too, too much. add some fun, exercise, socialize, dance, listen to music, watch standup comedy and improv, read a lot, and don't always do what you are told to do.

Which classmate or classmates that you lost touch with, that you hope to see at the reunion, assuming you come?

Frank Miller, George Lee, Ari Goldenstein, Ben Leshem, Robbie Newman.

Did you attend Niles West? Niles East? Niles North? Or Which Combination?

East and North

Where did you live in High School, which town or village?


Did you attend Niles West all 4 years or what time periods?


Did you wind up graduating from Niles West?


If you did not graduate from Niles West where did you graduate from?

Niles North.

If you went to Niles East and then had to attend Niles West or North, how did you feel about Niles East Closing? How did you think it would go when Niles East merged with Niles West and Niles North? What were your expectations about that the first week of school in August/September of 1980?

Hated it. It did show me what a normal high school is like, where you had more students and more competition, better preparing you for the real world. Sort of wish that all Niles East people went to just west, in order to not lose friends.

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