The name of the organization shall be “The American Textile Managerial Engineers Society.”







Section l


The purpose of this organization is to encourage direct lines of communication between its members.  This communication will reduce errors in application and misinformation, which frequently comes to textile corporations.  It will also assist Engineering Managers in presenting their management with cost effective and sound engineering practices.



Section 2


The organization shall seek to increase the efficiency of its members by demanding of them the highest ethical and moral standards in their profession, and shall avoid delving into area of process and/or production “secrets”.



Section 3


To cooperate with other engineering organizations to the end that functions now served by other groups and societies will not be duplicated, but to concentrate more on the problems at the level of textile engineering managers. 








Section 1


That the requirements for membership will be:


a)       A professional career engineer connected directly with a multi-plant textile corporation, and whose capacity is to direct the major phases of engineering for his organization, but not including Industrial Engineers.


b)       In large corporations where multi-plant divisions are recognized as being independent of each other, then the Engineering Manger responsible for his division will be eligible.


c)       Only one member from a corporation, or as defined in (b), one member from a division provided, however, that regardless of size, no corporate structure may have more than three (3) members at any one time.  Any fully qualified member may at his discretion, select an alternate from his organization to attend any given general meeting or may bring such person with him to said meeting.  Said alternate or person will have no voice in the business functions of this organization.


d)       Corporations that have multi-plant facilities but not necessarily independent divisions may have two (2) members provided one member is the corporate engineer.  The other member must be recommended by the Corporate Engineer and have multi-plant engineering responsibilities.


e)       Candidates for membership will make application to the membership committee on forms provided.  After review for eligibility by the membership committee, the candidate will be accepted only after a majority approval by active members present at the ensuing next business meeting.


f)         An active member who is in good standing and changes employment to a non-textile company or where his company changes operation to a non-textile company may retain his active membership by recommendation of the membership committee and approval by the voting members.  If the change in employment or company operation includes consulting or sales, the member is obligated to refrain from using ATMES functions to promote his company.  The membership committee will review this eligibility by request of a member and present to the membership any recommended changes in standing as required by this request.



Section 2


Honorary members:


a)       An active member who no longer qualifies for membership but meets one of the two conditions listed below may be approved as an “Honorary Member” by a majority vote of the active members present.


1)       He must be retired from the corporation that supported active membership and must not be employed by a textile related sales or consulting firm or,


2)       He must have changed jobs within the same company that supported active membership and no longer has engineering responsibilities.


b)       Proposed “Honorary Members” shall be placed in nomination by the membership committee.


c)       Honorary members shall have no vote in the official business of the society and shall be excluded from paying dues but shall be subject to any assessments for social functions at meetings they attend.

Section 3


a)       Should an active member change his position within his company from that held at the time of election to membership, he must meet the following requirements to retain his membership in the organization:


1)       Continue to exercise engineering responsibility.


2)       Be within the three members per corporate structure limitation.


b)       Should an active member be absent from three consecutive meetings without sending a representative or furnishing a written excuse within one week following an absence he shall be dropped from the roll.  Should an active member be absent from four consecutive meetings whether or not a substitute attended or excuses received, he will be dropped from the roll unless his absences were due to unusual circumstances as determined by the membership committee and approved by a majority of the active members.


c)       Should an honorary member be absent from ten (10) consecutive meetings, a status letter will be sent requesting the following information:


1)       Any extenuating circumstances for absences,


2)       Desire to continue in organization, and


3)       Desire to receive mailings, etc.


Failure to respond to this mailing and a follow-up phone call would result in their name being deleted from ATMES’ roll.





(Organization and Government)


Section 1


The officers of the organization shall be:


General Chairman: The Chairman shall preside at all meetings and shall perform such executive duties as customarily pertain to his office.


Vice-Chairman:   The Vice-Chairman shall assist the Chairman as he may be directed and, in the absence of the Chairman, shall act in his stead, assuming his duties and authority.  In the event of the resignation or disability of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall automatically succeed to the office of Chairman for the balance of the unexpired term.   


Secretary-Treasurer:   The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a record of the minutes of all meetings and shall send out notices for all meetings.  He shall keep a list of all members and maintain the list up to date.  He shall be custodian of all funds of the organization, which shall be deposited by him in such bank or banks as the officers by majority vote may designate.  He shall keep accurate records of funds received and disbursed, and at the annual meetings, make the Treasurer’s Report.  The Secretary-Treasurer is authorized to make deposits and to issue checks.  He shall also attend to all correspondence of the organization and perform any other duties commonly associated with his office.


Committees:  The Chairman shall appoint the following named committees and any other committees deemed necessary by him.


1.       Rules and Regulations, with Chairman and two (2) members.


2.       Program Committee, with Chairman and two (2) members.


3.       Membership Committee, with Chairman and two (2) members.


4.       Nominating Committee, with past three (3) ATMES Chairmen as members.


5.       Publicity Committee, with Chairman only.


6.       ATMA Liaison, with Chairman and three (3) members.


7.       Outstanding Engineer, with Chairman only.


8.       Arrangements Committee, with two (2) members.




Section 2


The affairs of the Organization shall be determined and directed by the officers.  Meetings of the officers shall be called by the Chairman or by a majority of the officers and shall be held at such time and place designated in notice thereof.



Section 3


The election of officers shall be held annually, the vote being at the Spring meeting.  A Nominating Committee of three members appointed by the Chairman shall present a slate of nominees to the membership, but floor nominations shall be admissible for vote.  Of the Nominating Committee of three, the Chairman shall be the most recent immediate past General Chairman available for the position.  Officers shall normally serve for one year, this being the period from election until the next Spring meeting.  It is the expressed desire of the membership that the Vice-Chairman shall succeed the General Chairman in line and that the new Vice-Chairman shall be elected each year.  While the tenure of office of the Secretary-Treasurer is one year, he may succeed himself in office if elected by the membership.



Section 4


The fiscal year of the society shall begin and end at the conclusion of the Spring meeting.



Section 5


A quorum for all meetings shall be fifteen (15) members.







Section 1


In addition to the Spring and Fall meetings, as many other meetings may be held at whatever time desirable upon direction of the General Chairman and other officers. 



Section 2


At least ten (10) days notice of any regular or special meeting of the members of the organization shall be given each member in writing by United States mail sent to his last address on the membership books of the organization.








Section 1


The annual dues assessment has been established to be $35.00 for each member and is due and payable at the Spring meeting.  A two-thirds majority of those present will be required to make any change in the annual amount.  Dues shall be used for incidental expenses to defray costs as directed by the officers of the organization.





(By-Laws Changes)


Section 1


These By-Laws may be changed or amended at any regular meeting, or any special meeting called for that purpose, by the affirmative vote of a two-thirds majority of the members present, provided notice of such intended change is made ten (10) days in advance of said meeting and provided a quorum is present for the voting.


Revised November 4, 198

Adopted by vote of membership April 19, 1979

Revised & Adopted by vote at April 29/30, 1982 meeting.

(Article III; Section 3: Paragraph B)

Revised & Adopted membership dues by vote at October 20, 1995 meeting. (Article VI; Section 1)

Revised & Adopted Article III; Section 2 and Section 3 by vote at October 18, 1996 meeting.

Revised & Adopted Article II; Section 1 & Article III; Section 1 by vote at April 25, 1997 meeting.

Revised & Adopted Article III, Section 1.f by vote at April 20, 2001 meeting.