Frances Gardner Sanford

Profile Updated: January 1, 2011
Frances Gardner
Current Residence: Mill Creek, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Richard Sanford
Occupation: Retired teacher
Children: Joshua Sanford was born 1975 and always kept up busy, even now that he is 34. Being active as a child More…was sometimes a chore for the parents, but worked out well for Josh as an adult as he own two car stereo businesses (Car Stereo Plus in Lynnwood and Mt. Vernon) and three houses. Not counting all his other "toys" (sports car, boat, suv, dune buggy, and more electronics that you can put in one place). The youngest is helping manage Cafe Flora, a high-end vegetarian restaurant on capital hill. (Although he is not vegetarian).
We enjoy keeping in touch and usually see them and have dinner some place at least once a week.
Brandon Sanford born 1981
Frances Gardner


Yes! Attending Reunion

I taught high school English for 30 years in the South Whidbey and Mukilteo School Districts. I enjoyed teaching and would not have had any other job. Now that I am retired though, I enjoy traveling. We like to spend winters some place warm like southern California, Arizona, Florida, or Mexico. Our times away from home have gotten longer and longer and we are leaving to go to Florida tomorrow for 42 days. We are headed next to Hawaii for six weeks. Then on to an Eastern Carribbean cruise in January.
In 2010, October and November, we spent two months in Palm Springs hiking, swimming, and playing bad golf. Will be going to Virginia Beach VA in the spring, but are suffering though winter here at home. Not sure why we did that.

School Story:

My strengths in school were English and getting along with my teachers. I always liked school. I played some intramural sports and belonged to Latin Club. I remember the dinners when we dressed up in togas. I was also in several school plays and in Thespian Society. My big role was playing a nun in Nuns in Las Vegas. I have no idea what the play was about, I just remember wearing a habit and thinking it was a pain.
I was an office helper and a teacher helper. Always handy for helping you to stay out of trouble.
I drove a tiny little red car and many times when I came out of school, it was high centered on the curb separating the parking spaces. Very funny, whoever you were. I also pushed that car more than I rode in it. It had some major problems, but at least I had my own car.
I used to babysit for Jud Heathcote and his wife. I just saw him on TV during March Madness. He looks good. They were very kind and paid well. (They paid $.50 an hour instead of $.35 where I usually sat kids.) Their kids were very good children. Easy to watch. And they always had ice cream in the freezer.
I was friends with a group of 11 girls who had sleep overs about every weekend. It was a group of smart girls and I am not sure how I got in there. About the only good grades I got were in English and history. I have lost track of all of them. It would be nice to hear from them again.
We like living in Seattle. The weather is crummy, mostly cold rain in winter and warm rain in summer, but there is lots to do here and many jobs. (well not so much right now) We belong to Seattle Art Museum and have season tickets to the Seahawks. I love going to the museum and Rich, my husband, to the Hawks where I hope he takes our son or his brother.
We like doing active things, biking, walking, golfing, swimming,and cooking for friends and family.

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Carol, it was good to see you are still kicking. Hope you had a good birthday. Remember all the sleepovers with the 11 other girls? Fun Corona Virus isn't much fun, but we will get through it I hope..

Jul 08, 2020 at 1:39 PM

Happy birthday Frances.Hope you and yours are doing well.God Bless!

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Happy Birthday Frances,i imagine you're spending it in some far off exotic place!!!!

Jul 08, 2016 at 7:17 AM

I WOULD LIKE TO WISH YOU A happy Birthday.

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