Missing Classmates

Here is the list of '82 Saxons for whom we do not have a current email address. It's generated automatically using the 2002 reunion information as a starting point.

While we are preparing for the reunion, we are being liberal with the definition of "Missing" because we have contact information from the 2002 reunion for most of the people on this list (there were about 130 people we were completely unable to contact for the 2002 reunion). However, a 10-year-old mailing address and a non-functional email address (we checked) isn't particularly useful, so we're purposefully casting a wide net.

If you are one of these missing people, click on your name below and you'll have a chance to register.

If you know how to reach any of these missing people via email, click on his or her name and you can have the site send an invitation.


Tom Ackerman
Bryan Adams
Mark Agost
Kelly Allard
Eric Almquist
Cheryl Anderson (Krustangel)
Tom Anderson
Doug Andrews
Pat Arguinchona
Stuart Bachman
Earnie Bailey
Karen Bailey (Frear)
Stephanie Balzarini
Marisa Barroso (Batista)
Craig Beach
Jeanne Becker (Wiechelman)
Kevin Benedict
Chris Benjamin
Loren Berge
Denys Bergin (Scrimshaw)
Kelli Bergman (Shaffer)
Kathy Bernat
Lance Betz
Eric Bishop
Lisa Blankenship
Rickey Blom
Melanie Blomquist (Miller)
Shari Bokish
James Boone
Bobby Bosch
Mike Bothun
Michelle Bozarth
Mark Brinkman
Bob Brisbane
David Bruce
Molly Camp
Cindy Cash
Mike Clayton
Melody Coghill
Kevin Cubley
Chris Dunn
Peggy Eccles
Kristi Edwards
Laura Ellwein (Hatten)
Lorene Erickson
Glen Fellin
Coreen Fischer
Steve Freedman
Cary Funk
Sharlene Gaab (Humphrey)
Jennifer Gaines
Chuck Gariepy
Greg Geier
Rita Ghering
Mike Gibbs
Curtis Gibson
Lonnie Gonwick
Cindy Grant (Close)
Halery Haase
Harold Hall
Laurie Hall (Hanna)
Jim Harris
Melinda Hart
Geof Hawkins
James Hedges
Anna Henderson
Marty Hess
Michelle Hobbs (Richardson)
Anna Hoglund
Deanna Hollman (Long)
Tammy Holton (Botaw)
Mary "Betsy" Hopkins
Paul Hormann
Chris Hubbard
Rick Hubbard
Patricia Iholts
Reiko Iimuro
Lisa Isner
Larry "Carlos" Jarmello
Laura Jeffries (Shryosk)
Michelle Jereaux
Christi Johnson
Jim Johnson
Sheree Johnson
Loretta Jones
Rima Jordan
Ann Kabat (Fulton)
Susan Kelley
Edward Kelly
Robin Kendall
Jill Kerrick (Walker)
John Kidd
Daniel King
Keith King
Jon Knight
Glen Koziuk
Randy Laabs
Shelli Lauritzen (Agost)
Larry Lawson
Steve Legat
Linda Leinen
Lisa Leslie
Jim Livingston
Coreen Lyon
Carl Lysen
Linda Maddox
Darla Madison
Art Maioriello
Frank Mangano
James Marks
Stacey Marshell
Les McCallum
David McCollum
Randy McCutchen
Tony McDonald
Ron McElreath
Jamie McWilliams (Hanna)
Terrence Michael
Kirk Miller
Mike Mitchell
Donald Monroe
David Montecucco
Mike Morse
Marie Nelson
Steven Nelson
Doug Nolting
Steve Odom
Viebka Ongre
Julie Orsi
Maria Perozo
Vincent Perry
Dave Polland
Shawn Powell
Chris Provost
Bill Pulliam
Scott Read
Doug Reed
Terry Reed
Vance Reynolds
Danielle Ross
Angela Rothlisberger
Debra Rueb (Neubauer)
Becky Safran
Karl Sanders
Brian Scheeler
Sue Schlauch (Minteer)
April Schwagerl (Soderquist)
Julie Sederstrom (French)
Lisa Seim
Robert Shanklin
Sheon Shin
Saysit Sichanthavaravong
Thongbay Sichanthavaravong
Pat Sill
John Silva
Meg Silvernale (Wantulok)
Staci Simpson
Sue Sin
Tina Sparks
Bart Stewart
Wendy Stiles
Janine Stokke (Jewell)
Cindy Strack (Henderson)
Diana Struck
Rick Stuart
Scott Svoboda
DeWayne Thompson
Laura Thompson
Rhonda Thomsen (Bogart)
Jerry Toews
David Tryon
Kim Wade
Earnest Whetchel
Isabella Widerna
Angie Willard
Annie Wong
Bob Wood
Colleen "Lena" Wood
Ann Woody
Stacy Young
Xina Zoeber