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08/09/09 10:40 AM #1    


Bryon Walls

WOW WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Staying up past 9:00PM dancing just having a great time!
The best thing I was sober the whole night but with age still woke up wore out.
GO BAND ! Thanks again for all you guys did

08/09/09 04:28 PM #2    


Debbie Dawson (Walton)

A HUGE thank you to Ann, Sam, David, Mike and everyone else who made our 35th such a success. Bob and I had a wonderful time. Why do we all wait so long to get together? It was so great to be with all of you. Much love to everyone and we can't wait to see you all again. Debbie Dawson Walton

08/09/09 08:44 PM #3    


John Liming

Thanks to everyone that helped organize and put on the reunion events. It was a great time.

08/09/09 10:14 PM #4    

Gina Johnson (Freeman)






08/09/09 11:56 PM #5    


Jerri Kime (Dyke)

What a wonderful weekend!! I have not had that much fun, since I do not remember when.
Mike (& Kim), Antigone (& Sam), Lynette, David & I am sure many others behind the scenes, GREAT JOB! I am grateful for the hours of work and forethought that went into making this weekend such a success. The website was an amazing idea and helped to get the reunion started months in advance.
Everyone was so happy & friendly and in looking over the pictures—it shows! It was such a joy to see the “Band Geeks”,proud as we are! And all of the ladies from Block “N”. You have a place in my heart that time never seems to diminish.
Now I have to go take some Tylenol for ALL my aching muscles from the silly dancing that seemed to be such a great idea at the time! Those of you who sat it out, Doug Addis, you might have had the right idea!
Hugx to THE Class of 1974!

08/10/09 10:52 AM #6    

Sandy Dewine (Massie)

We couldn't come to the reunion, but I love reading the website - seeing what everyone is doing. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures from the reunion. So many of you look just as you did in high school. It's hard to believe it's been 35 years. I guess that means we're all grown up now!!!

08/10/09 07:57 PM #7    

Ruta Senfelds (Pettit)

I have to echo Sandy's comment; I could recognize many people (showing that you've aged like fine wine, while I look like a shriveled grape!). I think those I didn't know were spouses (at least that's my story). I couldn't make it due to a prior commitment (chaperoning at band camp--all in all probably not much unlike your wild time!... I just didn't know as many people!)

I loved the pictures!

08/11/09 03:17 PM #8    

Lori Grubbs (Ross)

To the Reunion Committee -- Fantastic Job. Lots of hard work and planning for this I am sure but we worked hard at having lots of fun. Thanks for all your efforts. I am looking forward to getting together again for the next reunion.

Like Jerri's blanket said, Panthers may be gone but not forgotten. We will keep North alive in our memories and the stories we share for years to come.

Love Ya All,
Lori Grubbs Ross

08/14/09 12:08 PM #9    

Antigone Gianakopoulos (Petroff)

From the Reunion Committee:

Thanks for all the thanks, but it was not hard work at all! It was quite easy to be planning such a fun party! I cannot wait to do this again, to see you all (and more) in five years.

Let's all make an effort to find emails for our "lost" classmates. We have almost 150 emails on our list, and we have 300+ to go!


08/23/09 04:11 PM #10    

Jeff Hansell

Great job Reunion Committee. So glad I came, wish I'd been there Friday night. Seems like too long to wait another 5 years for another one.

Since I come back to Springfield at least once a year in August, I'd be willing to come to an "Annual Class of 74 Party".

My folks might have a big enough house and backyard to host one next year!! Why not?


08/24/09 10:11 PM #11    

Merri Coppock (Smith)

I wanted to be there this year but my daughter was very close to having her second child. He was born on the 20th FINALLY.

08/26/09 06:36 PM #12    

Matt Cahill

Many thanks to our reunion committee and all who came. What a blast to see everyone. I hope we can round up some more folks for the next one. We truly have a class with class.
I'll post some party pics as soon as I figure out how to do it... possibly before next reunion.

08/28/09 10:55 AM #13    

Doug Fowler

I've been looking at some of the pictures and it really looks like you all had a great time, sorry I wasn't able to make it. I'm glad there were name tags and some of the pics had captions, because 'Man' some of you (us) have changed a bit in 35 years.
Congratulations to all of you on your hard work for putting this thing together, no small task. Hopefully I can make it to the next one.

09/08/09 05:30 PM #14    

Antigone Gianakopoulos (Petroff)

There were 105,000 people at the Ohio State/Navy game and believe it or not, Susy Elder finds us! We were tailgating after the game, and Susy and her husband were walking to meet Lisa Dickerson and her husband. Susy said "Hey, that looks like Antigone and Sam!" It was a very nice surprise!

09/27/09 12:49 AM #15    

Thom Jahnke

I have TWO bricks!! Complete with mortar, a gift from my brother-in-law. Not sure yet where to place them, but surely somewhere prominent!

09/27/09 01:17 AM #16    

Thom Jahnke

Sure sounds like I missed a great time at the reunion. I've reviewed the pics, and I was amazed at how little everyone (especially the ladies) has aged! However, Dr.'s Addis and Thomas, too much sun from playing golf has taken it's toll. (just kidding) If I can be of service, or invited to ANY local gatherings, please count me in!

I really miss you guys, "Jock Block" guys and "Block N" girl supporters. Great times!

My contact info, if so inclined...

I have a large property, small house, but BIG party area! Just let me know!!


09/29/09 05:15 PM #17    

Jeanne Koehler (Ashby)

I had a GREAT time and seeing everyone was so much fun.
Sue Meyer, Holly Campbell, Bev Duane, Deb Scott and I all stayed at the Fairfield Inn and jam packed the weekend with side activities as well. Sue, Holly, and I live in Columbus. So when we got the girls from the airport I hi-jacked everyone to Sunbury (north of Columbus) to show off my first granddaughter, Madison, at my daughter and son-in-laws house. By noon we were at my house for lunch with a quick trip after to Susan's 86 yr old mother's house (who looks fab!) for a visit before heading into Springfield. We made it to Hickory Inn for a pizza dinner where we met Laura Glick and Kathy Mader.
Then off to the Petroff's for more festivities. The next day we stopped at MY dad's for a visit (he's 81) and had lunch and Mike and Rosey's Deli. We then went to an art fair at Yellow Springs, with a stop for a cone at Young's Dairy. Then we hung out at the hotel and got ready for the Main Event. It was a great time.
Then on Sunday morning, we went to brunch at Clifton Mill which has been a tradition every Sunday after our reunions, and went back to the car in the parking lot for desert...............what else............Shuler's bismarks and doughnuts which someone brought.We couldn't believe we were eating them after a big breakfast.....but we HAD was the last thing to accomplish on our list for "Springfield Traditions".

Everyone take advantage of this wonderful web-site to keep in contact with everyone. Tell your friends who didn't attend to get on the web site. Maybe for the 40th they will show up if they start a relationship on the web with old friends and feel more comfortable about attending the next reunion.
Jeanne Koehler Ashby

12/02/09 10:36 PM #18    

Mark Christol

Was wondering if anybody remembered when the old Greyhound station got torn down. I want to say it was on Fountain where the Justice Center is now. But I forget. :-)


02/16/10 12:16 AM #19    


Jerri Kime (Dyke)

Thanx to Antigone for scanning (and enduring looking at!)all of our senior pictures! What a giant undertaking and they look so awesome. Now I really miss my yearbook...
I know we are all very thankful for all you and the others have done to make our "Class of 1974" site the success it is.
Thank you again for all the time you put in to scan all those pictures and put up with those really bad hair do's! I can only speak for myself here! :-}

06/11/14 01:15 PM #20    


John Scott

I'm looking forward too seeing all Y'all. Luckily, it looks like the October dates lands between shows for me, and we hoped to be in Ohio and Michigan that week for Barbara's (Hawkins) Brother's birthday. Like many of our generation, I've been reconnecting via Facebook and love the idea of seeing old friends face to face again. 

09/16/14 11:16 PM #21    


Jerri Kime (Dyke)


So glad you are coming! Looking forward to seeing you & catching up. ??. Jerri

10/12/14 10:20 AM #22    


John Scott

10/12/14 01:55 PM #23    


Danny Palmer

I LOVE reading the acomplshments of the NHS class of '74!  Matt Cahill used the term 'Class with class'.  That sums it up very well.  (Can you still do that in JFK's voice?)

You can tear down the building, but the graduates live on.


06/19/15 03:18 PM #24    


Danny Palmer


11/10/17 10:47 PM #25    


Corky Bolla

Just a quick word of thanks to our classmates who served our country. Happy Veterans Day!!! Hope this finds you all happy and enjoying life. Corky

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