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07/28/08 07:17 PM #1    

Lori Palermo

Welcome to the Springfield High School Class Of 1978 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/01/08 12:31 PM #2    

David Martin

Great idea! Sorry I missed the 30th, but maybe in five years...Claud says I have no excuses next time!

08/04/08 10:16 PM #3    


Darla Putnam (Smith)

Sorry I didn't make it to the reunion. We had plans to join in on the fun but it didn't work out this time. Sounds like we missed out on a great time. Hope to see everyone at the next one.
Peace, health and happiness to all until then.
Darla (Dolly)

08/08/08 06:27 AM #4    

Mary Miller (Dubbs)

Sorry I missed the fun....but was having fun in Seattle at the NHRA Drag racing finals. I was at the 25th reunion, and will try to make it to the next one.

08/11/08 05:26 PM #5    

Shell Lehman

Hello to all, I just wanted to say it was great seeing you all, and hope to see you around town now that I have finally retired from the Marine Corps, take care and stay safe.

08/11/08 09:18 PM #6    

Kevin Phillips

Does anyone have pictures from the reunions past?
I would love to see!!
Kevin Phillips

08/13/08 07:24 PM #7    

Debbie Marshall (Jones)

It was so much fun seeing the people who took time out to be there, thank you for coming, and thank you for the people who did everything for the rest of us to enjoy.

I really hope more of our old classmates will show next time. We all spent many years going to school together and even if the demands of life didn't make us the best of friends then, we do share a common bond. Seeing people I went to school with from grade school all the way through high school is really a fun thing. The coolest of all is that there are no longer "clicks". Each and every one of us has turned out to be something very special and it is truly a great time to be able to share in that at these reunions.
"Yeah" to the start of this web page, maybe more connections will be made.
Any-one with pictures out there please post them to the event photo's so we can all share in the times we've had over the last 30 years. I look forward to them.

08/15/08 03:07 PM #8    


Marleen Inman (Harp)

Hello Sorry I didn't make it to this year's reunion. My car died and I was taking care of my 96 yr old grandma with Alzheimer's and so I just didn't make it.

I hope we will have better response to the 35 yr reunion?

I do want to offer my help for the next reunion now and hope that we will have better communaction through this website?

I again want to do a quilt like the logo up in the corner of this website to raffle off?

08/30/08 11:48 AM #9    


Tom King

Hi everyone,
The reunion sounded great. Wish we could have been there. Janine (Patching) and I were in Salem the week before and had to fly home, so we just missed out. Thanks Lori for setting up this wonderful class website! It is a joy to catch up with everyone. Post pictures, folks! We love to see you and your families. :-)
Tom and Janine King
Colorado Springs, CO

04/02/09 01:12 PM #10    

Brenda Wood

I am ready for another Reunion! Brenda

04/18/10 10:28 PM #11    


Marleen Inman (Harp)


Hello Fellow Classmates:

Now that we have all GROWN - UP?  Lets all get together when we have the Mini meetings at least once a Month in town.

Open to anyone and everyone, it is IN FORMAL, just a chance to meet and see what is happening in everyone's lives.

So hope to see you all there?

Awaiting your reply.

Marleen Inman (Harp)




05/28/18 07:10 AM #12    


Tami Smith (Ritter)

I’m sorry I missed the last reunions but I will be there this reunion unless an emergency comes up n I don’t expect that n I just knocked on wood.   I didn’t even know about the other reunions but that’s probably my fault because I was all over the place here n in bend n in California n my dad passed in 1982 in California n I took 2 computer classes in California a couple months before he passed.   I came home for a month n had to go right back for a month n watch the cancer take him away for a month.  It was hard but I survived because I’m a survivor I don’t give up I’ve been through to much in my life to give up    But I’m here n happy to be here n I plan to be there at the reunion this year.  I had lost a lot of weight but gained some back because of surgery but I’m working on it again.  But u will get me as I am.   I can’t wait to see everyone it’s been along time 40 years n I bet everyone looks great.  Can’t wait to see u all see u then 

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