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Welcome to the
Northeast High School
Alumni Website

    This site will be the central location for all Northeast High School Alumni Class website links. I decided to create the site after a somewhat dismal attendance for my 25th Anniversary reunion. It was billed as a multi-year reunion and we were lucky to have had 60 people there on Saturday night. It was a fun time mind you, but several people traveled a great distance to attend, and it was somewhat disappointing. Afterwards, I decided that I was going to use my skill and create a Class Website. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel I Googled Alumni websites and I found at least a dozen companies that specialized in alumni websites and or reunions. Most are paid sites and as a result the attendance is rather low. No one wants to spend money for 5 years waiting for the one year they actually use the site! Another interesting thing I found was that there were alumni from my class located on some of these websites and not others. I also found the official school website had two "Alumni" links both of which appeared to be to conglomerate sites where several schools and classes all gather. Most of the stuff you could do on those sites was "cookie cutter", and boring and some had such bad layouts I could hardly tell what I was supposed to click on and I consider myself pretty versed in the ways of the Internet! In addition, I had emailed the Faculty member of the school in charge of the official school website and because it was Summer she was obviously "not in". So I bit the bullet, and spent the $80 on purchasing the domain name and made this page. Eventually the goals I have for this site are:

  •  Informational Page on the happens and goings on of any "Official Alumni Association" (if we have one)
  • A way to list links of all the class websites in one central location for everyone to locate them
  • An easy way for any future multi-year reunions to be organized
  • Expand through donations


Our Class Websites

    Below are some known class websites. If you have a class website and would like to be listed please contact me. If you are an Alumni looking for your class website and it is not listed below, you may use the company I recommend to help you setup your website very easily and without a lot of time or money! Click here for more information.
I started this project on August 7th 2008 and I continually update it.

R David Paine III (1983)
(w e i r d a v e @ a o l . c o m )

Presenting the…