. . . to Other Web Sites of Interest to Sunnyvale High School Alumni


Sunnyvale High School Alumni Association

     The SHSAA web site has information about alumni, past events, and coming events.

     It also has links to web sites of other SHS classes.


Sunnyvale High School Jets! (Facebook Page)

     This is an active Facebook page for all supporters of Sunnyvale High School.


Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum

    Housed in a replica of the historic Murphy House, the museum has permanent and

    rotating exhibits for the public to see the evolution of the Sunnyvale area. The Class of

    1962 will tour the museum during the 50th Reunion weekend. 


Vietnam Wall Name Finder

    A site dedicated to remembering those who sacrificed their lives for our country and are

    honored on the Vietnam War Memorial. You can search by state and city; or by last

    name. To each name a military profile is linked, and in many cases tributes and

    memories of the person.