60th Reunion, 2nd Survey

Second survey for SHS Class of '62 60th reunion.

Thank you to those that responded to the first survey several months ago. Based on the responses to that survey, the planning team, working with other volunteers, have determined several possible options in terms of venue (Indoors or outdoors) time of day and day of week. Each have their own advantages.

We hope to not only clarify what the class wants, but to get more classmates interested in attending, so please take the two minutes it will take to complete the 7 questions.

Thank you for responding to this brief survey.


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1)   At what cost per person would you consider the event to be too expensive?

2)   Some venues prohibit alcohol on their property (city facilities) and others make it available for purchase. Having alcohol made available adds about $10 per person to the cost of renting the venue. How important is having alcohol available to you personally?”

  I would strongly prefer it be available.
  It would add to my personal enjoyment
  It would not make much difference
  I would not care one way or another
  I would prefer it to be alcohol free
3)   Would you prefer the reunion to be held indoors like an air-conditioned building or outdoors like in a local park? Keep in mind that alcohol can be served at an indoor venue, but that an outdoor venue will be less expensive.

4)   Which day of the week would you prefer? Please list your top 3 choices, top choice first.

5)   What month of the year would you prefer to hold the reunion? Please keep in mind your answer to question 3 above and the typical weather condition in the Sunnyvale area. Please list the following months in the order of your preference, “May, June, July, August, September, October”.

6)   Would you:(check all that apply)

  Like to learn more about the event
  Like to attend
  Like to help at the event
  Please contact fellow classmates to generate interest and forward survey
7)   Are there general comments or suggestions you would like to make?