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Profile Updated: April 10, 2009
Residing In: Tacoma, WA USA
Occupation: Sales associate/Full time Pimp
Children: None
Yes! Attending Reunion

Upon graduating in June of 1999 I have attempted to do many things in this little crazy game called life. I went to Hawaii and fell in love with island life. I then went to T.C.C for 3 and a half years. Despite the fact it was a two year school. I went to Vashon Island and lived there for seven or eight months. Working at a kids camp as a prep cook. I went on many adventures with out of this world characters. We went from the Hoh Rain Forest to the Gorge to the Ocean. I fell madly in love with a doctors daughter from the island. She showed me a whole new world. One that I wasn't accustomed too. Then two years later she broke my heart. All along the way my best friends were right beside me. Shout out to my brothers Micah, Barry, Sephren, Robert and Ed. I was in a nasty car crash due to my diabetes. I started working at Macy's when I was 20 and have been there since. The co-workers have become like family to me and I know their back stories all to well. I have meet some of my best friends there. All the while keeping in touch with the old ones. I also met some amazing women there but I still have trouble opening up. I am now currently living with my 20 year old nephew Laramie, and his 18 year old friend Kalum, and the 19 year old Andre. They are showing me what it's like to be the age that we were when we all left each other. We currently reside in my parents rental. My hopes are to by this house. Were having a party on April 18th. Just contact me in the young men's dept. at Macy's(in Tacoma). I also hope to go back to school and become a journalist. I have 10 nieces and nephews. Lucas, Leisa, Laramie,Autumn, Austynn, Ronnie, Lexie, Christopher, Collin, and the new addition Kaitlyn. I don't know were this crazy little game called life is going to lead but I have enjoyed the ride thus far.

School Story:

I have many school memories. From knowing only a couple of people at the start to leaving with countless friends and experiences. From the first time I met Ed, Barry, Sopheak. I remember the first time Barry, Sopheak and I went to the County City building for Mr. McKennas' class( we played Bloody Mary in the bathroom. I remember the countless basketball games at Sopheaks house. I remember the trip to Washington D.C that Mr. McKenna took us on. I remember terrorizing the streets of D.C with Jaclyn and Joy. I remember the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Vietnam, Korean, the Holocaust Memorial. The White House, the Senate, the House of Rep., the Supreme Court, the countless museums. From the Smithsonian to the news. D.C is what developed my distaste for Bill O'Riley. D.C flamed my passion for government. I will always remember the countless parties with Micah, Ed, Robert, Barry, Sephren, Diana, Holly, Melissa, Jenisa. I remember the party at Jenisas and Troy's that introduced me to Robert and Hyrum. I remember the party at Ed's that flowered some relationships and got Ed's foot ran over. I remember drunken dances and fallen on my ass in front of the women I loved. I remember skipping classes. I remember reading some amazing books and amazing cliff notes. I remember drive in movies. I remember the girls mooning the boys and the boys mooning the girls. I remember sneaking Mad Dog 20/20's into the dollar theater. I remember the 2a.m trip to the ocean, the flat tire, pulled over by the cops. I remember the party at Melissa's, Barry getting a 40 thrown at him. The cops not coming the cops coming. Running away from the house, running back to the house. I remember the party at Rachel's. I remember the after prom party at the bottom of the other side of Gig Habor. I remember the cops coming to that one too. They evacuated three High Schools. A select few stayed around to clean up the aftermath. I remember the birthdays, the sleep overs. I remember the after High School drive to the ocean. The party at the ocean. The going into the ocean with the cap and gown on. But most of all the great times and the lifetime friends, who I have continued making memories with

**Favorite Teacher:

Mr. McKenna, Mrs. Bradley, Mr. Cairns, Mrs. Hines

**Favorite Class:

I.B Englishes and I.B Histories

**Sports and Clubs:

I loved basketball but never played. The D.C club the Y.T club

**My friends at Henry Foss High School:

My honorable mentions are Micah who has been my best friend since second grade t-ball and will always be my brother 4 life. Barry, Sephren, Ed, Robert, Hyrum, Diana, Melissa, Holly, Janisa, Jaclyn, Carmen, Rachel, Joy, Susan, Vinney

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