Chamberlain High School "Chiefs"

Welcome to The Chamberlain High

Alumni Website

This site is an alumni site not affiliated directly with the school.

Stop and read this page first.

There are 2 places to login if you are returning to the site depending on what year you graduated.

If you attempt to login on the top right  --> and it does not recognize your name. Then go to :



Please choose your year from the list.

 First time users:

Find your year and then your name.

Fix any misspellings and create a password.

Your email address becomes your login name so use an address that is not going to change , and if it does change, come back and change it here.


 As you can see all 54 Years of CHS Grads are on


There is a "Profile Visibilty" box that you will fill out on the final page of the info sheet.

Because this is a multi-year alumni website many people

 are wanting to find friends in other classes.

If you click this box on,  those classmates from other years

 seeking to touch base with you will NOT be able to.

Profile Visibility:  
  Allow only fellow Classmates participating in this site to view my Profile details. Note: Checking this box will block the general public and search engines from accessing your Profile details. If you want friends, family, etc. to be able to view your Profile page you should leave this option unchecked.