The Chief's Head

Fellow Chamberlain High School Chiefs


The Story of the Chief’s Head

The Year was 1958.

The County’s newest high schools’ classmates wanted a symbol of their mascot on the face of the school. It all started with Principal Ateo P. Leto, motivating the student body.

The money was raised through fund raisers by the service clubs, personal donations and sacrificing of lunch money.  The Charter Classes 1958, '59 & '60 collectively purchased the Chief's Head.  It was installed in the late Spring of 1958.


The cost was $3,300 when purchased it in 1958.


The Year 2008.


The Charter Classes during the development of the 50th Year Reunion wanted to give something back to the school. The Chief's Head was now 50 years old and had been defaced by rival schools countless times. The Reunion Committee wanted to restore it to its original beauty.  Will P. Bissett (1958) suggested the idea and researched what it would take. According to the committee;

“The Chief's Head being restored to its original state is a matter of:


Something that means a great deal to all “Chiefs” and especially those that originally purchased it.’


The county school maintenance department agreed to remove it from the building,

 transported it to the artist's shop.

 It has now been delivered back to the school.

The original Green Neon has been replaced

with LED lights and reinstalled on the face of the building.
  The money was collected through donations from our
    classmates, advertisements, and a portion of the Reunion fee. 

The Charter Classmates presented the newly refurbished CHIEF'S Head during dedication ceremony

Saturday, Aug. 2, 2008 11:A.M. in front of the school.