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01/02/14 09:27 AM #12    


Thomas Hodge (Hodge)

Hello all, I hope everyone had a very happy and joyous 2013 holiday season. May the new year be awesome good for you.
I think we need to start planning a spring break get together. Help us get over the cold weather blues.
What do ya think?

01/03/14 11:00 AM #13    


Billy Ryburn

Wishing everyone a happy New Year from Socal..............I really miss that weather back there ! Struggling here in 80's last 2 weeks............had to put on a long sleeve tee shirt to ride my Harely.........really tuff out here but I think it will be ok ............what's up with those sorry ass Skins ????????

01/03/14 07:47 PM #14    

Sandra Shwedick

A spring fling would be nice!!

02/19/14 02:50 PM #15    

Curtis Marts

Hello all.  I totally missed the 40th year reunion, having been out of state for those couple weeks.

I'm so sorry to hear of the recent passing of Whit Edwards.  I liked him a lot. 

   On a business note (hope that's allowed here?), I would be quite happy to meet with anyone in our

class with fees waived, concerning retirement income planning and/or college funding.  Two things that may

startle folks:  I advise anyone to immediately move their nest egg out of 'mutual funds' of any type; I can

explain exactly why if you are interested.  Also, I know I can save most people 10's of thousands (except BYU

students/parents) in their college costs.  You can always contact me at or my 

cell, 906-440-0256.   Enough business for now.  Hope everyone stays well.

05/28/14 04:19 PM #16    

Tina Thoman

    This year’s CHS Alumni Golf Benefit is to be held on Monday June 23 at Twin Shields Golf Course in Dunkirk, Maryland with registration/continental breakfast starting at 7:30 a.m., shotgun start at 8:30 a.m.  The cost per person is $100, which includes golf, cart, catered lunch (Red Hot & Blue), beer/soda/water, prizes and Continental breakfast.  The format of the golf tournament is Captain’s Choice, where everyone in the foursome hits a shot and everyone uses the best shot for their next shot. There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, closet to the pin and longest drive.

            If you are not a golfer and just want to come out for lunch and to socialize, we welcome that. We ask for a $30 donation to offset the costs and put some money toward the cause. You just need to let us know that is what you intend to do by paying ahead of time (put note on check – LUNCH). This way we can plan and tell the caterer.

We are also looking to raise money by having Hole Sponsors for $100, this might be a company that you own or work for or just sponsor a hole in your name, Class of 1971, etc,.  Each Hole Sponsor will have a sign made up with the sponsor name on it and placed in a prominent place at a Golf Hole's Tee box. Hole Sponsorship costs are in addition to payment for a golfers tournament players fee, but you can use one check to pay for both.   

 To  signup, register and pay for this year’s CHS Alumni Golf Benefit you can go to  The Crossland High School Class of 1971 website, Click on the 2014 CHS Alumni Golf Benefit link on the left hand side and follow the instructions.

            Or you can make out a check to be made out to: Mike Parvis (we are working on getting a Taxpayer ID for future events, so checks are not payable to me). Please send the checks to: The CHS Golf Benefit, 1767 Tyrone Street, Crofton, MD 21114.  The cutoff date for payment is June 7, 2014.

07/03/14 11:25 AM #17    

Jim Driscoll

To all CHS73 classmates,

We have been officially invited to the 40th reunion of the CHS "74" class in an effort to consolidate class reunions accross multiple years and manage costs moving forward. Let's face it, many of us had/have CHS friends that spanned multiple classes anyway and this makes perfect sense. I am posting this on behalf of the CHS74 class at their request. Recently, they lost one of their classmates and a mutual friend of mine (Bev Bridgett) and it was clear at the funeral that there were multiple years of CHS classmates represented which initiated the thought process of consolidating reunions and other events throughout the year. 

Contact if interested: Brenda (Vernon) Wert  301-655-5434


Friday, August 8:  Cocktail Mixer 6:30 p.m. til ?  (Cash Bar @ Harbor Magic Hotel or other venues of choice) -- opportunity to meet / greet and visit with classmates.  (Venues near Hotel - McCormick & Schmick and Ruths Chris Steakhouse)

Saturday Night Dinner / Dance At Pier 5 Hotel (Saturday August 9 2014)

Cost: Contact Brenda

Location of Reunion and Hotel:

Harbor Club at Pier 5, 711 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21202


Sunday Farewell Breakfast (Sunday August 10 2014)

Cost: $16

NOTE: For more details, go to


11/27/14 10:02 AM #18    

Kathleen Anderson (Baier)

Cavaliers: To those of you who knew Jim Crytzer, I wanted to let you know that he passed away on Monday.  Jim leaves behind his wife of 31 years, Karen, three children and six brothers and sisters. Memorial service is Saturday afternoon in Knoxville, TN. Please keep his family in your prayers. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving - and remind you all that you should hold on to those you love. Life really is very short. XOXO

11/28/14 12:21 PM #19    


Billy Ryburn

RIP Jim 


11/29/14 08:59 AM #20    

John Scott

Jim's family is in my prayers.......


11/30/14 06:48 PM #21    


June Proctor (Castro)

Praying for Jim's family, so sorry to hear of his passing. 

04/21/15 09:37 PM #22    

Sandra Shwedick

Hi all

Just testing out the site.  Maybe I will attempt to add a picture, or maybe not.  Hope everyone is enjoying spring.   

Send some news and let's keep some chatter going.  Sandy. 

09/18/17 07:17 PM #23    

Harry Cepura

Hello to all of my Florida classmates!!

I hope everyone made it through hurricane Irma safey.  We road it out in Flagler Beach.  No damage, no flooding, generator kicked in and we all did fine. Our beach came out without any damage.



09/20/17 12:52 PM #24    


Carl McDilda

We’ve been to the left coast…and Chicago; is that where only the criminals can carry guns (since they already don’t obey the laws (isn’t that what makes them criminals)) because the law abiding citizens try to follow the rules?  Somebody told me CA wanted to secede from the USA…it is on the internet, I think they vote on it in two years.  Do you think taxes will go up or down?  I think as right coasters we’ll stick with the wind and rain and leave the big earth-quacks (yes, not a mistake, I said earth-quacks) for the other coast…sorry.  Lol!  Truly, God Bless America!   

09/23/17 01:42 PM #25    


Carl McDilda

Hey Billy,

I don’t remember you either.  With about 650 class mates and almost 2,000 at our school it’s not surprising.  I was kind of a weird “Jesus Freak” kid with glasses, in drama, and helped lead the prayer club that met on the stage before school started.  We lived in Temple Hills (PG County) until my soon to be wife’s parents moved her to Charles County, we still have some of her family in Waldorf, MD and in St. Marys County.  I missed all the Crossland reunions (didn’t know about them) and have only had contact with very few alumni’s from the ’72 & ‘73 class.  I am from the 1973 class and I married a class of 1972 member.  We moved from the area in the late ‘70’s after the lines at the gas stations (do you remember .32/gal gas and then it jumped to .75 then over $1.00)?  We went to Ohio then WV then to VA.  We do really like the weather in AZ & NM and winter in FL & NV but…never stayed overnight in CA.

The fish was caught in Smith Mountain Lake between Roanoke, Lynchburg, Danville and Martinsville, VA…it’s the big blue spot,  lol!  I still go fishing at the Chesapeake Bay about twice a year, depending on the weather.

It is nice to reminisce with someone about the same age as me.  Do you think there will be enough of us still around to have a 50th Reunion in 2023?    Carl   :)

09/25/17 12:23 PM #26    


Billy Ryburn


I grew up in Camp Springs on Redd Lane right across from Westchester Estates off Allentowne Rd..........I still have a brother and 2 sisters living back there in Waldorf Chuck County Md......I haven't been to any reunions yet might shoot for 50th should be special.........sorry I missed the prayer club too busy chasing girls and partying ! Good news l left that lifestyle when I left the least coast......sober now 27 years and counting dont miss waking up with my head in a toilet........I think I broke the st record in Md for points before leaving there but boy did I have fun !

Still riding my Harely 3-4x a week and cheering on the Skins every weekend.We had the best Redskin Rally ever at Summers Sports bar last weekend with Bruce Allen / Larry Michael / Doc Walker/ Chris Cooly / Lavar Harrington and bunch of Redskin front office and then the Rams game with more Skin fans than Ram fans but last night kicking Oaklands ass was the best ...........

All good on left coast for now and send me some blue crabs only other thing I miss from least coast ........


09/25/17 05:48 PM #27    

Mike Foley


We did not have 650 classmates in the class of 1973. I know I was graduate number 606 out of 606 that I know for sure. I was the goat. LOL. I went to Middleton Valley Elementary School then Roger B Taney Jr High. I moved in my ninth grade year to Alabama then back to Maryland and Crossland High School for my senior year. (military brat). I lived on Summerhill RD. Lived on the left coast in San Diego for many years now live on the right coast Amellia Island. Anyway so many names sound familar. Is there going to be a 50th reunion? I haven't made the others but maybe this one I would.


09/26/17 07:55 PM #28    

James Stirling


All, I recognize a few names in here.  If you spent any time in the student parking lot you probably know mybrother Drew was Class of 71.  He drove to school in a 64 Ford Galaxy 500 with no reverse.  I had to push the car out if he parked head-in.  A small price to pay for avoiding the cheese wagon.  We lived on the redneck frontier along Suitland Road (aka Morningside). PG County was growing fast, so I attended five schools in 9 years without moving. ( Morningside & Skyline Elem., Spaulding and Foulois JHS and finally CHS.) I went to Penn State on a NROTC Scholarship, and then spent 20 years, four months and five days on active duty (who's counting?).  Moved every 2 or 3 years like clockwork (PA,SC,MS,SC,PA, HI, VA, MD) + deployments.  Last duty station was NAS Pax River.  Retired from USN and have been living in Saint Inigoes, MD for 24 years.  I have season tickets for Penn State football and the couple in the row in front of us are Bernie and Marie Leighton.  Ms. Leighton taught English and Latin at Crossland 71-73.  Small world.  She asked me if I knew Wendy Loren.

Wendy......are you still out there?

Jim Stirling, CDR, CEC, USN (Ret)



10/01/17 07:31 PM #29    


Carl McDilda

Hey All,

I received an email from Sandy Saltz, we’re supposed to have a 45th Reunion next Fall!!  cheeky

Now we'll see if anyone can put their money where their mouth is.   indecision

Hey Mike, I’m pretty sure I said about 650…If you say 606 I wasn’t too far off.  With a name of Foley how did you get to be #606 (or are talking about student ranking—lol)?    devil

Carl    :)

10/02/17 04:42 PM #30    


Billy Ryburn

I got a great idea have the re-union on the left coast this time........will get you least coasters away from hot sticky / hurricane weather and show you how the other half lives ...........really sad new out of Vegas our hearts go out to the victoms......what's next can't even go to a country show without some lunitic screwing it up for everyone...........livin da dream in socal


11/25/17 02:22 PM #31    

Sandra Shwedick

Hi All,

I received an email from Tina Thoman about the sad news of the passing of Charlie Taylor.  There are many tributes on our class Facebook page, but this should reach a larger audience.  Please share your memories here.  I wish I had known him better.  I noticed his birthdate in the obituary was the same day as Whit's, 5/5/55.  Both gone way too soon.

From Tina:

I am not on Facebook so a number of classmates might already  know that Charlie passed away last Friday. He was a good friend of mine during high school and my family through his work at Temple Hills Swim Club.

A sweet gentle guy that was always positive and smiling, forever young.

Someone forwarded the funeral arrangements which are attached below.  Would you please post this on the Crossland site? I went on site but not computer savvy and did not come out right.



11/26/17 11:36 AM #32    


Billy Ryburn

Charie Taylor was a great guy and  good athele who I also had not seen for 40 plus years but have great memories from him on the sports feild and high school days. His passing was way too soon but I'm sure he's smiling down on all of us now.

RIP Charley you will be missed !

09/27/23 05:20 PM #33    

Art Giesler (Giesler)

Greetings All,

Getting readyto head to the DC area for our reunion.  Look forward to seeing everyone.


Travis on the toy with me.  

10/06/23 12:55 PM #34    

Scott Ciley (Ciley)

I noticed Sally Sellner's name in a message from Kathy McManus. She, her brother and her family were good friends from high school years. I knew we'd lost him; when I looked Sally up in this site, she's passed this year? I'm so sad. Does anyone know anything else about her or how she passed?

10/06/23 06:03 PM #35    


Kathleen McManus (Kyler)

Hi Scott,  Yes, Sally died 2 days before our 50th Crossland Reunion.  She had been in poor health for several years and died of lung disease.  She was married and living in Chase City, VA.  I was only able to reconect with her about 6 months ago and that didn't give us much time to communicate.  I haven't seen an obituary for her, but I'll ask her Mom if there will be one and I'll post the link.  Yes, Mrs. Sellner is 97 years old and still living on her own in Waldorf.  Only Susan and the youngest, Sara are still alive.

10/08/23 11:43 AM #36    

Scott Ciley (Ciley)

Thank you Kathy,

Robby was a good friend and Sally introduced us. The family was very kind and the reality is sad. Sadder yet that Mrs. Sellner has outlived 2 of her children. I appreciate you letting me know.

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