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07/12/20 11:45 AM #164    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield


Happy Birthday to all the birthday girls and boys out here this month, hope everyone has a great and happy day.

Hope everyone is staying safe with all this nasty covid 19 around

07/30/20 03:13 PM #165    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield

Well it's the end of July and the start of Augest. Here is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the girls and boys this month .I hope all of you have a great and wonderful day.

I am getting tired of  staying home all the time cause of covid 19, i'm sure most of you are the same.

Just hope all are safe and well 

09/03/20 01:15 PM #166    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield

It's September and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the boys and girles this month hope all is well with everyone and have  a great day

10/01/20 12:50 PM #167    


Gilbert Earl Mayfield

Well it's October HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Happy Howllen to all the birthday boys and girls this month hope all is well with everyone and have a great day

12/20/20 02:13 PM #168    

Clifford Howard Johnson

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas this year I want wish everyone a very blessed Christmas. My prayer is that all of our classmates know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour if not there is never a better time than now. Jesus said if you believe in me you have eternal life! God bless.

03/29/21 07:08 PM #169    

Clifford Howard Johnson

Hope everyone has a great week as we remember what Jesus did when he was crucified, buried, and resurrected so that those who trust in him will have eternal life. Have a very blessed Easter.

05/20/21 09:58 AM #170    


Ruth Ann McDonald (McRary)

Letters went out about our Summer Connection on June 12 at The Fife residence.  We will have live entertainment (Jerry Atwood, Tommie Lee, and Bill Samson).  The Fife's have laid a new dance floor.  We are renting a 20 X 20 tent to place out under the trees to eat and visit and catch up with old freinds.  We are having the meal catered this time.  It is a Mexican buffet we think will have something for everyone.  Half of the cost for participating is the meal.  Some of the other cost is entertainment, servers, supplies, margaritas, etc.  We have not received many of the participation forms back so I hope if you are planning on coming you will get your forms back in as soon as possible.  Since this is the first time we are trying the catering service we would like to have as accurate a count as possible.  This is the first time many of us have gathered since the Covid shutdown.  We hope you will join us,   It is outside which should allow many who are still uncomfortable about being around others will be more at ease.  Most of us have had the vaccine so being around others is getting more comfortable as we go along.  If you have not yet received a letter and want to participate, please contact one of us on the committee and we will get you one out as soon as possible.  Hope to see you there.  It is time to rejoin the world and continue to enjoy our time together.

Committee members:

Wanda Barlow Fife                     Carolyn Baker Ivey                       Susan Stokes Simmons

Philip Cotharn                             Earl Vicknair                                 Debbie Lawson Banks

Beverly Stricklind                         Sharon Brannon Zeringue           Keith/Margie Walker

Mike Darby                                   Jewel Colston Cullison                Ruth McDonald McRary     

Shelia Randle Edwards                Brenda woods Williams


05/21/21 11:16 AM #171    

Jerry N. Atwood

We're gonna have some kick-a$$ music so I hope we have a great turnout!  I really look forward to seeing my old friends.  Our classmates are dropping like flies so let's make the best of what's left in life!

05/21/21 11:21 AM #172    

Jerry N. Atwood

Oh - and a big THANK YOU to the planning committee.  They've put a lot of work into this for all of us to enjoy.  Kudos to all!

05/25/21 04:00 PM #173    


Ruth Ann McDonald (McRary)

I am again posting the minutes from our last meeting.  There is information about parking, registration and other activities that you may need to know.  Again, please contact someone from the class on the committee if you have questions.  My phone number is 251 282 0772.  It is not 281 so be sure to check as you call. 

281 788 8988   Wanda Barlow Fife

409 789 3696   Carolyn Baker Ivey

409 256 4314   Susan Stokes Simmons

405 409 3915   Keith Walker (Margie)


May 24, 2021

6:38 pm

Fife residence


The 1968 Class of TCHS was called to order by Keith Walker, President.

The President called for a reading of the last meeting’s minutes.  The minutes were read by the class Secretary.  The President asked if there were any corrections or additions.  Wanda Barlow Fife said the servers were not going to assist with the food and clean-up they were going to DO it.  As there were no other corrections or additions to the minutes a motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Beverly Stricklind.  Seconded by Philip Cotharn.  The motion carried.

The President called for a reading of the Treasurer’s report.  The Treasurer presented her written report (attached) and a report of the Summer Connection monies collected and spent (attached).  The President asked if there were any corrections or additions.  A motion to accept the report as presented was made by Debbie Lawson Banks. Seconded by Beverly Stricklind.  The motion carried.

The meeting was turned over to the Event Committee Chairperson.

A letter from Beverly Zikes Henke was read.  She sent a check to help out with the party but said she could not attend this one but was planning on coming to the one in December.  She thanked the planning committee for their hard work as always.  (attached)

Wanda Barlow Fife reminded everyone to mark their calendars for the December 4th get together at Pook’s.

There was a discussion about the number of participants returning their forms.  There has been a very low response so far.

There was a discussion about the ice cream for dessert.  Susan Stokes Simmons will be responsible for the making of the ice cream.  She will keep up with her costs and present her receipts to the Treasurer.  Ruth McDonald McRary gave Susan a recipe for homemade chocolate ice cream to see if she wanted to try a different flavor.  Susan will see how that goes.

Judy Sauer Steffens asked about the tent and if we still needed it with such a low turn out.  Judy also asked if they would set up the tent.  The tent owners will set up and take down the tent.  The tent is for the tables to eat at and people to visit without being right under the music. 

There was discussion about the cost per person of the food with such a low turn out.  Wanda checked with the Caterers and they said no.  There is 5% charge for overage if we have a large number that show up at the door.  It was also decided that the cost would be $40.00 per person for non-registered class members.

Wanda said that her helium tank was now empty and if we still wanted balloons we would need to get more.  After a general discussion it was decided not to have balloons but we would put out the TCHS class of 1968 banners and use the Photo frame for pictures.  Other decorations would be decided at a later date if Wanda decides we need something else.

We will put lights inside the tent to light up the area.

Wanda asked if the cups will be provided by the Company that we have rented the margarita machine from.   Carolyn said yes but she did not know how many and would call and check.

Wanda also stated that she has not reserved the porta-potty as yet with such a low turn out.  She will call and check on the availability just in case it is decided that we need to have one.

Wanda said that anyone who wants to volunteer to do any of the work for the get together is welcome.  Just let her know.  Otherwise she will let us know what time to show up Friday, June 11th to get as much of the set up done as possible.

Much discussion of people showing up that are not registered was addressed.  Beverly Stricklind will check with Patty and Randy Stricklind to see if they will be available to sit at the gate and welcome the guests and check for pre-registration.  They will have someone from the class help address the issue of non-registered guests that come.

Much discussion on parking and signs was addressed.  Judy Sauer Steffens will make signs that say parking and the sign at Pook’s will have PARKING on the top line and TCHS Class of 1968 on the second row.   To avoid problems with the ground being soft or wet parking will be at Pook’s.  Ruth McDonald McRary’s son will transport guests from Pook’s to the Fife residence with the golf cart provided by Carolyn Baker Ivey.    It was also discussed that if any guests appear to be unable to safely drive themselves home, Uber per Ruth’s son will be provided since he already works with Uber for their and others safety.

If the weather appears to be really bad and/or wet, the party will be held at Pook’s.

The address for Pook’s is   4025 Hwy 646 No, Santa Fe, TX 77510.  Any questions or problems call Earl Vicknair at 409 761 0049.

We are going to try and get phone numbers and email of classmates who participate and are interested to cut down on postage costs.  If you are willing to receive texts and/or email please contact Ruth McDonald McRary with your information.

Our shopping day for drinks and other supplies will be Monday, June 7th at 10:00 am.  We will meet at Wanda Barlow Fife’s home and go from there.   Debbie Lawson Banks who has generously donated the cost of the margarita supplies will go with Beverly Stricklind and purchase those supplies while others shop at Sam’s /Walmart.  We will go to lunch after the shopping is done. 

We will have our final meeting on the Summer Connection plans and agenda on Tuesday, June 8th at 6:30pm at Earl Vicknair’s residence.

The President asked for a motion to adjourn.  Susan Stokes Simmons made a motion to adjourn.  Judy Sauer Steffens seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:04 pm

Members present:

Wanda Barlow Fife (Dale)                                   Susan Stokes Simmons (Neal)

Ruth McDonald McRary                                       Judy Sauer Steffens

Earl Vicknair (Debbie)                                           Keith Walker

Carolyn Baker Ivey                                                Margie Gregory Walker

Phil Cotharn (Cathy)                                              Debbie Lawson Banks

Mike Darby                                                              Beverly Stricklind

06/07/21 04:55 PM #174    


Ruth Ann McDonald (McRary)

The Summer Connection will be held at Pook's on 646 in Santa Fe.  The wet weather has left the back yard of the Fife residence just too wet.  For any questions please contact me at 251 282 0772 or any of the committee members.  Pook's address is 4025 Hwy 646, Santa Fe, TX 77510.  You can call Earl Vicknair if you have any further questions or need directions.  His number is 409 761-0049.  See you soon.

10/26/21 03:10 PM #175    


Ruth Ann McDonald (McRary)

Well Summer has come and gone.  The party was a blast and we all had a good time.  Jerry Atwood, Bill Samson and Tommi Lee are the greatest entertainers!!  We had some really good dancers who entertained us too. 

We have lost a number of classmates in the last few years.  These get-togethers are the best way to stay in touch with each other as we all are marching on toward our permanent home.  With that in mind there is another chance to see your 1968 classmates in 2021.   

We are having a Christmas Party on Saturday, December 4th at Pook's in Santa Fe once again.  There will be a barbeque buffet with pork/chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, chips, etc.  The dress is casual and the cost is $35 each.  Jerry, Bill and Tommi will again be our entertainers.  The time is 7pm until 11:30 pm.  You can come and eat and visit and go to another party, come later after another party or come at 7pm and enjoy all the activities of the night.  December is a busy time of the year.  After all that we have been through I know everyone is ready to get out and enjoy their friends and family in person.   You should have already received your invitation but if you haven't you can send your registration and money to:  TCHS Class of 1968                                                                                                                                            Ruth McRary                                                                                                                                                        2309 Moonstone Court                                                                                                                                        Texas City, TX 77591

Please make your check out to either Carolyn Baker Ivey, Keith Walker or Susan Stokes Simmons.  If you have any questions you can call me at (251) 282-0772. 

We would love to see you all at the party.  You never know when traveling will become a task you can no longer enjoy (or pay for!)  All joking aside, we would love to see you this Christmas.  

Ruth McDonald McRary

























05/10/22 05:53 AM #176    

Shannon Anderson Clark

I am still alive and kicking.
Shannon Clark.

05/10/22 08:30 AM #177    

Beverly Jean Zikes (Henke)


Thanks for keeping track of all of us!  Please add me to the alive and well list.

Beverly Zikes Henke

05/10/22 03:35 PM #178    


Larry Disbrow

Still pumping air and maintaining body temperature, above room temperature.  Glad you're checking on us Leah and gang.  

Pretty nice this time of the year in AK.  Wish y'all were here too!  Cheers, Larry D 

05/31/22 10:21 PM #179    

Jasper Michael Darby

Please join Me in praying for Shelia Randle and Family, Shelia's son Steven passed away today.

06/01/22 07:15 AM #180    


Steve Cox

Sheila, sorry very sorry to hear of your loss. Sending prayers for you and family.

Steve Cox


06/01/22 12:34 PM #181    

Cynthia Anne Peters (Evans)

Sheila, I am so sorry to learn about your son's passing. My prayers for you and your family join those of others. I still remember the day we met on your first P.E. class at TCHS. Many blessings to you.  Cindy Peters

06/01/22 10:30 PM #182    

Betty Earline Bryant (Edmundson)

May the Lord look over you and your family.please accept my thoughts and prayers

Betty Bryant Edmundson

06/02/22 09:19 AM #183    

Beverly Jean Zikes (Henke)

Dear Sheila and family,

I truly understand the heartbreak your family is enduring at this moment.  Maybe this song will bring you some peace and comfort.  It can be found on YouTube.

              Title:  Lift My Eyes (Official Lyric Video)

  Group:  I am They

06/02/22 09:22 AM #184    

Sharon Sue Brannon (Zeringue)

So sorry for your loss. Prayers of comfort for you and your family.

06/02/22 11:01 AM #185    

Laura Padilla (Lopez)

Sheila, my condolences and prayers are with you and family.  May God be with you during this difficult time.  
Laura Padilla Lopez

06/09/22 04:11 PM #186    

Shannon Anderson Clark

I just find out that Curtis Miles fell asleep in the Lord on June 4, 20022.  He is survived by his wife Laura McQuaig.  Don't have any more details.  Just got it off Facebook.

06/10/22 06:27 AM #187    

Michael Sartor

Mike Sartor, still alive and well, can Not say the same for my Golf game


06/16/22 07:07 AM #188    

Jasper Michael Darby

We have lost one of our dear parents ( Lucy Ozarchuk ). Texas City will miss all the things she did for our City. My prayers go out to family and friends. 

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