50th Reunion Highlights

Highland Park High School

50th Reunion, Sept 6 & 7, 2013

Back Row: Mike Powell, Randy Currie, Sam Quy, Ed Weikel, Richard Dreier, Bob Martin, Larry Roberts, Jim Diehl, Jack Souders, Gerald Walker, Bob Sutton, Russ Reynolds, Glen Perry, Mike Patterson, Mike Shimeall

3rd Row: Janice Lower Buckley, Carolyn Alexander Merkling, Jeri LaRue Ricketts, Sherry Schaefer Duling, Bob Radefeld, Jim Harris, Roy Comer, Don Hervey, Dan Hervey, Meredith Elliottt Currie, Margi High Menken, Marilyn Cantrell Cordill, Judy Hunt Mitchell

2nd Row: Loretta Sharp, Lynn Conner Boley, Arlyn Snell Brunken, Linda Langston Zieman, Laurance Ellis, Bob Burd, Richard Basham, Sherry Henry Von Reisen, Cecilia Shaich Rempel, Linda Magers Lauver, Karen Newell Bosch, Cheryl Winans Mullin

Bottom Row: Bill Hoyt, Dale Lauver, Robert Walker, Gary Evans, Michael Berry, Ed White, Russ Wilcox

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Russ Wilcox - Sam Quy's poetry was a "blast"! & I'm still recovering from Glenn Perry's Hard Cider!!  The HPHS Class of 63 really is the Class that knows how to have fun.

Warren Hummer - Thanks to those who took and posted reunion photos. For those of us who could not attend, the photos were appreciated. As a side note, I see that Richard Dreier is still trying to perfect his frog-in-the-arm noises.

Jim Harris - It was great seeing the School & everyone again!  I feel the Memorial Service brought us together in a deeper way.

Bob Radefeld - The Reunion was a resounding success!

Judy Hunt Mitchell - Memories abound from the Friday night get-together at Lake Shawnee, the school tour and catered lunch, the beautiful Memorial to oh-so-many beloved classmates, and the glitzy dinner/dance with Bob Burd, Sam Quy and The Heart Strings. Out there on the dance floor, one could close their eyes and easily dream back to the Eighth Grade...and remember the arms of someone special.

Linda Langston Zieman - It was a wonderful reunion. Thanks to all the committee for the great job!

Janice Lower Buckley - Thank you to all who contributed to the silent auction and to all who purchased the items, the generosity was overwhelming. For me, the reunion was an unforgettable event. I wish we could repeat the experience soon! There was not enough time to visit with everyone. Thank you all for being there and sharing with us.

Karen Newell Bosch - What a memorable weekend! It felt like we were back in school again surrounded by all our friends! Wish we had more one on one time! The time flew by. Can't wait till the next one! The 50th Reunion was the best one yet, a great success. Thanks to all who put it together and entertained us! I hope some of the classmates that didn't get to come, will be able to join us the next time.

James Diehl - This reunion should be the "Poster Child" for every reunion held anywhere! Wonderful, wonderfully executed. My hats off to all who helped organize it. My hat is also off to all who participated. It was so good to see each and every one of you.