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11/20/17 06:21 AM #42    


Warren Hummer

Russ: Glad you made it through; best wishes for a successful rebuilding.

Phil: We live in Grapevine; between Dallas (where the East peters out) and Fort Worth (where the west begins).

11/21/17 06:27 AM #43    

Ann DeRose (Dalton)

Glad everyone made it ok. Hope you all continue to do well. Beat wishes.Ann (DeRose)Dalton.

01/10/18 02:35 PM #44    


Mike Powell

Just tried to watch Episode 1 of A&E's Undercover at HPHS (7 young adults pose as students for a semester).

Here's what I learned: everybody has a phone, everybody spends a lot of time on their phones, kids do a lot of dumb things on their phones. All this is set against a background of hallway and classroom scenes that capture just how boring 85 percent of the time spent in an educational setting can be. I fell asleep in the middle of 2nd Period.

01/11/18 10:00 AM #45    


Warren Hummer

Mike: Sounds like old times. I teach a couple of law classes at a local community college and I would increase the boredom level to at least 90%. Be well, all.

01/11/18 10:38 AM #46    

Russell Reynolds

01/12/18 09:32 AM #47    


Warren Hummer

Russ: Interesting read; thanks for posting. I have it in my mind that Glenn Perry's childhood home had some connection to the Underground Railway. Am I correct?

01/12/18 05:10 PM #48    

Russell Reynolds

Warren, that’s an interesting point. You might send an inquiry to Glenn.

05/06/18 07:53 PM #49    


Phillip X. Madrid

I sent somebody information for Bert Corwin and Tom Domme. Have they been added to the mailing list?

06/21/18 04:23 PM #50    

Richard Basham

What is the status on the golf outing? Turnout at the planned events?


Change of Topic: The weather for the 55th reunion looks promising enough for a small group bicycle ride. I intend to arrive early Friday with my 'cheap big-box retail' bicycle and perhaps ride some at the lake or even around Washburn or whatever. Nothing challenging. Let me know. 

Been riding flood plains, with a few overpasses & long, gradual inclines, plenty wind-swept though. NTYC, I finally installed a hitch-style rack on my sub-compact so I could ride some popular trails with others without riding to get there or ruining the car interior. Turns out the bike is longer than the car body is wide and and I haven't determined how much my MPG is reduced due to the disrupted air-flow/drag.  An hour's drive to Topeka should provide at least some hints at how foolish I have been this time.  BTW, I can crash starting up and stopping about anywhere. <g>

06/22/18 02:37 PM #51    

Robert Walker

Golf at western hills..21st and Auburn rd.9.04 tee time.first group should arrive early for pairing.

06/25/18 11:29 AM #52    


Warren Hummer

Kudos to the reunion organizing committee. Although the turnout was sparse, Becky and I very much enjoyed the weekend. Thanks to all for the hard work.


06/25/18 12:36 PM #53    


Judy Hunt (Mitchell Petero)

The 55th reunion was so much fun, and I only wish my staying-up power had matched my desire to keep partying! Thanks to Janice Lower and all the hardworking classmates who made this weekend possible. I'm sure there were many more helpers than just the ten committee members. Loved The Garden House, the sandwiches, veggies, and all the salads -- oh yes, and the desserts!!! The dinner at At The Capitol Plaza Hotel was superb, as it was for the 50th. Hope we can repeat for the 60th. My main concern was that my new husband would be sitting alone, holding my Poodle, not havng anyone to talk with. John, Merckling (Carolyn's husband) and Mike Berrry talked cars with him all evening! As a result, we are making camping plans with John and Carolyn, and have also planned to visit Mike and his '49 Ford coupe, "Emma Jean." Yes, attendance was lower, but we had more opportunity to visit with everybody.

11/07/19 09:54 AM #54    


L Russ Wilcox

Just moving to Northport Fla-put an offer on a house yesterday & will buy a car before week is up. St Thomas was beautiful & fine while it lasted, but very backward, expensive, & hard to get around. Back to civilization for me!

11/08/19 12:39 PM #55    

William A. 'Bill' Vickrey

Russ—Glad Your back in civilization—You will love the West Coast Of Florida—😎

11/11/19 07:20 AM #56    

Sandra Schumann (Hewitt)

Welcome back Russ.  I hope you enjoy your new home.  I live in south Alabama on the Gulf and love it.


11/11/19 07:35 PM #57    


Judy Hunt (Mitchell Petero)

Are you close to Fair Hope, Alabama?  That's a possible destination for us some daY.

Judy Hunt Petero

11/12/19 06:59 AM #58    


L Russ Wilcox

Right here, by Sarasota:  

11/12/19 10:42 AM #59    

Sandra Schumann (Hewitt)

Judy I live in Fairhope Al 

11/13/19 11:47 AM #60    


Judy Hunt (Mitchell Petero)

Well, we've just returned from Amarillo, Alabuerque, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona and The Grand Canyon. Once we get to planning our Florida vacation and connect up with friends in Atlanta, we hope to be planning another trip during 2020!  Will check in with you neext year!  I've heard that Fairhope is quite charming.


11/13/19 11:51 AM #61    


Judy Hunt (Mitchell Petero)

Now if we can just encourage Russ to buy a house in Ocala where all the horses are!  No hurricanes either!


01/26/21 05:27 PM #62    


Mike Powell

Now and again I hear an old phrase from the early 1960's that's fallen out of use. The other day Ann told me she was going for a shower because she was feeling "scuzzy".

I hadn't heard that term in a while and set to wondering when it might have originated. Well, according to Merriam-Webster, the first recorded use of "scuzzy" was in 1963.

That rang an immediate bell so I checked my diary and there it was:

April 18th, 1963 - Richard Dreier called me a "scuzzball" today.

I'm really proud to say I inspired a classmate to invent a new important word in the English language!

02/06/21 06:06 AM #63    


Warren Hummer

Some memories are OK things. I think it was jr. high or early high school and Richard and I were working on some class project or other. We were in his family home on south California; the one with the tall, red-brick chimney with the "D" on it. It was a Sunday on one of those bone-chilling Kansas winters. Grace (Richard's mother )heard a noise in the fireplace and discovered a mouse there. She suggested that Richard and I should kill it. Somewhat cowardly, we declined the offer. Grace dispatched the rodent with a piece of firewood.

To this day, it is seldom that, when passing an open fireplace, I don't hesitate, listening for the sounds of an unwanted intruder. And, I wonder what I would do if one were there.

Some memories are OK things.


02/07/21 03:08 PM #64    

Ed Weikel

Sam and I meet after the 6th grade . We spent a lot of time together hiking,camping,scouts,huntig,shooting,canoeing,sports or watching horror movies on friday night at each others house. Sam was always there with Mike and Harry. I have alot of great memories of the times growing up  Sorry to see him gone.

04/21/21 12:17 PM #65    


Warren Hummer

Any thoughts about a 60 yr reunion?

04/22/21 09:59 AM #66    


Michael Berry

A 60th reunion? I'm all for it.

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