How To Use This Site



Creating your login account and updating your profile:

1 - Joining the website:

Click the "Join Here" link on the Login Panel: Contact

Login in name

Password      Scotties

Select your name from the list of Classmate profiles and provide the information requested, including a password for future access. If your name does not appear on the list, please Contact me. and I will get it added.

2 - Updating and expanding your Classmate Profile:

After you have joined and logged in to our site (step 1 above), you will see additional tabs on the left side of the web page:

Simply click the "Edit Profile" tab on the left side of the screen (Under "Member Functions") and provide any additional information you wish. There will be some check boxes at the bottom of this screen where you can specify how this information will be shared.

TIP: While you are at it, create a shortcut for quick access back to our site: For MS Internet Explorer - Add to favorites by clicking "Favorites", then "Add to Favorites" or "Add to Favorites Bar" -or-

(As I prefer) - Click "File", then "Send", then "Shortcut to Desktop"

Adding pictures:

1 - Pictures that will only be viewed on your personal profile page:

Click "Edit/Upload Photos" tab on the left side of the screen (Under "Member Functions" ), then click the "Upload new Photo" button. There is a link to a Help Video on the upper right side with more detailed instruction on how to upload and edit your photos for this website.

Note: After you have uploaded your photos, you can designate your "master photo" by checking the box on the photo you want to appear on your Live Chat, Message Forums, and emails between Classmates.

**If you would like us to scan and include your 1968 Yearbook picture, please let me know

2 - Pictures that can be viewed by the public (on the "Photos" tab):

Click the "Photos" tab on the top left side of the screen, then click on the "Photos from Classmates" Gallery. Click the "Add/Edit Photos" button at the bottom, and follow the instructions on the page. Don't forget to add a caption after you've uploaded your picture.

Photos added here will be under a new photo gallery for your name. The Help Video is also available at the top right of this screen.

HINT: Your photos will load faster if they are compressed for web use first. I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager, but if you don't have that program, try the free utility at:


Using the "Notify Me" tab:

1 - You can specify what events on the website you will be notified about via email by:

Click the"Notify Me" tab (Under "Member Functions"), then check the items that you would like to be notified via email about, and how you receive the emails.

Important notice about Email: It is possible that emails sent via this web site could be re-directed to your "junk mail" , "bulk mail" or "Spam" folders. To avoid this, you should add "" to your email utilities' "white list" or "trusted senders" list.

Communicating with Classmates:

1 - Email from Classmates Profile:

Classmate Profiles can be accessed in two ways:

From the "Classmate Profile" tab (top left of the screen), OR -

From the "Profile Updates" box on the home page.

Once on the classmate profile, (at the bottom of the profile information), you can either send a private email or post a comment that will appear on the Classmates Profile page.

2 - The "Message Center" Tab (Under "Member Functions"):

The "Message Center" is the "inbox" and "outbox" for all emails sent and received via this website. You can view and manage all your emails from here. There is also a "Compose Message" button where you generate new email messages.

3 - Inviting Missing Classmates to Join the site:

If you know the email address of a Classmate that has not yet been located, there are two places where you can send them an email invitation to join:

From the box on the home page titled "-MISSING CLASSMATES-"


By clicking the "Missing Classmates" Tab on the left side of the screen. From there you can select the Classmate's name and send them an invitation to join.

All names will appear as Missing, until the forms have been entered by each classmate!!!   If you can not do it yourself, let me know and I will do it for you.

4 - The "Message Forum" Tab:

The "Message Forum" is a "free-form" area where you can post comments and respond to the comments of others. It has the capability to include pictures, internet links, YouTube Videos, etc.

To post a message, simply click the "Post Response" button at the top or the bottom of the screen.

5 - The "Post Announcement" Tab:

You can post an announcement that will appear on the home page of this website from this tab. Announcements will not be posted immediately, as they are sent to a site administrator to be edited so they fit properly on the page. I will do our best to get any announcement I receive included the same day.

Other Features:

1 - The "Links of Interest" Tab:

This page can only be modified by a site administrator -If you have any internet links you would like included here, please Contact ME.

2 - The "Yearbook Photos" & "Previous Class Reunion" Photo Galleries (Under the "Photos" Tab):

These items also can only by modified by a site administrator - If you have any photos from a previous Class Reunion, or something from the 1968 "Highlander" Yearbook you would like included, Please let me know. Remember - you can upload photos to the "Photos from Classmates" Gallery yourself at any time (Item 2 under "Adding Pictures" above)

As always, please contact me if you need help with anything on this web site.


Pamela Crowder Hefner Montez