Faculty & School Song



        Earl Vokland


Virginia Cleland

Activity Director

Lee Norris  

Director of Instruction

Tom West    


Lyndon Herman

Bill Jones

Lynda Dayton


Lucille Crankshaw

Michael Printz

Language Arts Departments

Ines Arman

Patsy Enright

Wayne Fernkopf

Ben Gaunt

James Hills

Roberta Monteith

Ann Palmer

Sharon Smith

Carol Wilson

Edith Woodward

Barbara Wright

Richard Young

Fine Arts and Foreign Language Departments

Venetta Bayless

Rod Furgason

Marilyn Lauer

Ruth Paulsen

Gerald Robertson

Ben Tice

Social Sciences Departments

Jerry Cummings

Emerson Hazlett

Joseph Hovorka

Larry Karst

John Merryman

R. L. Rumsey

Science and Math Departments

Ellen Duncan

Fred Gampper

Bernice Gardner

Dennis Hasson

Jessie Nichol

John Oliver

Kathryn Resing

Ronald Schmidt

Robert Willmeth

Business Department

Charles Jones

Sharon Larson

Lilian Nuzman

Ron Shaffer

Shirley Shellenberger

LaMoyne Smith

Judith Thoes

Home Economics Department

Gretchen Brandt

Maxine Dickson

Karen Hummel

Sandra Williams

Industrial Arts Department

Roger Barnes

Don Brock

Rex Ford

Russell Granger

Mila Heatwole

Physical Education Department

Marcia Doman

Edwin Hailey

Bobette Pierce

Paul Sexton

Health Department

Stan Lauer

Special Education Department

Loren Buss

Drivers Education Department

James Bell

George Bistline Jr.

George Bistline Sr.


Highland Park High School Song


We're loyal to you, Highland Park

The scarlet and green, Highland Park;

We'll back you to stand

'Gainst the best in the land

For we know your ideals, Highland Park.


Your praises we'll sing on for aye,

And true we shall be for always

And long may fond thoughts of thee

Remain in our memory

All hail to thee, Highland Park!