Deryk Morgan sr

Profile Updated: March 1, 2009
Residing In: Concord, NC USA
Spouse: Are you kidding?
Occupation: Storm restoration contractor
Children: Connor, 11 lives in Show Low. Deryk Jr will be eight on May 12th. He is a salty one, imagine that! He More…loves to fish, hunt, ride his motor cycle, play baseball and loves to go to Nascar races. He has been to eight different tracks nationwide. He plays pee wee football, hits hard, plays running back and linebacker and is a very aggressive kid on the field...go figure.
Military Service: U.S. Navy  
Yes! Attending Reunion

Since graduating I have been all over the U.S. "chasing hail storms". I am a licensed contractor licensed in Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, and in North Carolina. I have also worked storms in Illinois and Maryland. I previously owned Buckeye Contracting in Ohio and currently own Tarheel Roofing in North Carolina. I also incorporated as D.Morgan Enterprises in 1999 serving customers throughout the various states listed above.

I currently live in Concord, NC also known as 'Neck Nation'. Hendricks Motorsports is located here and Lowes Motorspeedway is 3 miles from my house. I have access to private tours of some of the race shops my buddies work at and D.J. and I took a tour of Dale Jr's. garage! Looking from the inside shop into the visitor area was an awesome experience for D.J. as well as me.

I love to hunt and fish. I have a hunting lodge in PA. I love to go spring turkey hunting especially with D.J. and he has his own gun(s). Loves to hammer on the turkey call and we harvested a turkey last year together and that was an awesome experience. We also harvested a deer last fall and that too was a great experience. D.J. certainly is my best friend; as most parents I know will attest he is the reason I do what I do.

I personally have been all over the United States. I have traveled more than a million miles combined on all my trucks, I love North Carolina as the song says "these are my people". I love the access to (neck nation) "Nascar". I love the blue ridge mountains the beaches, and NC has it all. I want to / will make this my permanent place of residence. I love Carolina basketball. You know when you have landed in the place that is for you. Well this is the place for me!

I'm gonna get back into coaching, I coached in Show Low after high school. My football team was white mountain league champions. I also was the youth coordinating supervisor for the city of Show Low. I have held my own basketball tournaments as director and coach for the "Deryk Morgan youth Allstar Tournament". Of course, we won the championship scoring 93 points with 8th grade boys in a 32 minute game. The ball was not on the floor for long my broken record saying was "shoot it"

i also coached in blue ridge a school that won 6 state titles in the 90's and played in 8 state title games, we had a 72 game winning streak 3rd longest in the nation we lost to show low in the state championship, a bitter sweet lose, show low's first, and only state title. what a great staff i was involved with very sound coaches. I learned a great deal about players parents, the hardest thing about coaching is putting up with whiney parents. so you parents that "whine" to the coaches stop! get on the sidelines and attend every practice to see for yourself what's going on.

the biggest accomplishment in my life still today is my sobriety, i have not had a drop of alcohol since october 19th, 2003. what a true gift straight from god. I also have not been in any fights since becoming sober another true miracle.

i look forward to going to our 20yr reunion to see all the people that i have not seen in a loooong time. i hope that all our friends are well, i pray that everyone is blessed with prosperity, abundance and healthy families.

School Story:

My favorite times in high school were hanging out with all the dogs that ran in our pack doing what we did what a tight group, i still correspond with alot of our classs mates matter of fact bill is the one who told me about this site.

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