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02/02/09 09:39 PM #1    

Southwest Reunion Planners

Welcome to the Palo Verde High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/07/09 10:22 PM #2    

Stacey Burt

Yes we had a 11 yr. thanks to tammy. I can't wait to see you all at the 20 reunion that is so crazy 20 years.. I've so excited ever since i got the news from Eric. that means I'm coming home to see you all!!!!! SEE you all on the 12 and 13 of June.

02/09/09 01:00 AM #3    

Stacey Burt

would someone please let me know if they can what happened to:
John Ricksecker
David Wessel
Kathy Marquez
I saw their names on the memory page I know about Chris. since I haven't lived in tucson since 89 I hung out with them. if anyone can tell Thank you I'm sad to see their names there..

02/12/09 11:50 PM #4    

Tiffany Weerts (Ries)

Hi Everyone!!!!! I am creating and making a slide show for the Reunion so I need your help!!!!!! If you have old pictures (games, proms, hanging out with friends, half day parties, Senior Ditch Day, Senior Trip,Talent Show, etc.) that you would love to share.......... please e-mail them to me at I can't wait to see all the great pics!!!!!!! Deadline May 25,2009. We are gonna have a total blast at the reunion full of lots of laughs!!! Please pass the word on to others. Thanks, Tiffany Weerts

02/19/09 10:56 PM #5    

Denise Stogsdill (Moynihan)

I don't know about the people already on the "in memory" page. I thought I saw a notice on Nikki Raymond a few years ago. Does anyone know? I hope I am wrong.

03/07/09 04:30 PM #6    

Vanessa Williams (Stephens)


Yes Nikki did pass away about 3-4 years ago. She became really sick and just could not hold on any longer. Nikki did get married but did not have any kids

03/14/09 02:01 AM #7    

Stacey Burt

Oh my being away from home I feel so sad to see our Friends pass. I've been away far to long. 19yrs is along time.

04/07/09 07:22 PM #8    

Mahrie Darouian (Cook)

I think that Kathy Marquez passed away a few years after graduation. I am pretty sure it was of cancer. Very sad to see the list of those no longer with us!

05/07/09 10:48 PM #9    

Jack Neilson

been to busy doing.....
yeah twenty is long
The Class/Class

06/02/09 03:46 AM #10    

Eric Lehrling

Has anyone heard about SHANE ANDERSON'S career in PORN??? I heard things, I heard things...I think he went by the name "Mountain Man" according to my sources...which, in no way, means you heard it from me. HA! FYI- Shane definitely did NOT put me up to this in any way, shape, manner or form. Not at all. No way. Sorry!

06/02/09 01:22 PM #11    

Eric Lehrling

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Audrey Thacker? (I know she has a different last name now, although I do not remember it.) It would be nice to let her know about our reunion since she had such close ties to many in our graduation year. Thanks for your help. E

06/07/09 04:19 AM #12    

Stacey Burt

Oh that would so cool to see Ms. Thacker!!! I miss her and the class we took wow what a few yrs we had!!! hope she some how can come

06/08/09 03:15 PM #13    

Paul Riopel

For those of you that actually believe I am capable of winning a belly dance competition are hurtin for sure. Eric is just jealous of my svelte look and rock hard abs! See you all soon minus the belly dance demonstration.

06/09/09 12:24 AM #14    

Tiffany Weerts (Ries)

Paul Come on thats the whole reason I was going to check out your crazy moves!!!!!! Come on.... Shake it ha ha ha

06/09/09 02:48 PM #15    

Robin Reed

SUNDAY, June 14 - Terra Del Sol Park (by Palo Verde, but you already knew that) from 3-7 pm - Ramada #1 by the playground!! If anyone is interested in a family function I have reserved the ramada and can purchase a beer permit too. Post on this page if you are interested in attending and I will know if I should continue with the planning! :)

06/10/09 04:44 AM #16    

Eric Lehrling

Alvin- Minute Man...OUCH! Don't tell Tina,or wait, I guess she already knows! JK Shane...we are just jealous of your on-screen specialty move "the Djibouti Booty" because it is truly a classic. E

06/10/09 08:25 AM #17    

Andrea Williams (Olson)


That sounds like fun.

06/10/09 06:23 PM #18    

Robin Reed

Okay everyone! Today I got the ramada reserved and a beer permit for Sunday afternoon at Terra Del Sol!


06/11/09 02:05 PM #19    

Russell Tobiasson

Family day at the park on Sunday sounds Great!

Also.... who else is golfing on Saturday?

See you all Friday Night!


06/11/09 02:09 PM #20    

Russell Tobiasson

Hey Eric you Star Wars goober!!!

I've heard rumors that some of Shane's filming was done in the back of his UPS truck????

I know a couple other UPS guys that gave me the scoop..... Not pretty....

06/12/09 03:05 PM #21    

Eric Lehrling

Shane, I mean "MOUNTAIN MAN", was actually sued by UPS for constantly saying "what can brown do for you!" over and over again during filming when it actually had no contextual benefit for the movie...also, Russ, please remind everyone when you speak the word "GOOBER" it obviously means something like "really cool guy." Obviously. E

06/12/09 04:08 PM #22    

Russell Tobiasson


Yes Goober could be another word for cool guy or another example is AGGRO! Remember that one?

I'm still a Star Wars goober too, although I didn't name my son Han Solo.... Instead I named him Grant after some other short cool guy we graduated with....LOL

It gonna be great seeing everyone again (in just a few hours now).....


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