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In Memory

Pat Froehlich

Pat Froehlich

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05/28/19 08:39 PM #1    

Rosalee (Rose) Harlan (Gray)

I was just looking thru all the dear classmates we've lost & I was reminded of how wonderfully talented Pat Froehlich was. Pat and I were good friends. I remember she and I always tried out for the Tulsa Easter Pagaent during high school. We were usually cast as part of the crowd, but we loved being involved in the excitement. During our high school years we'd go to each others house (along with other friends) for a sleepover the night of the Academy Awards .It was a tradition. We'd critique the gowns and always try to see the Best Picture and movies made by the Best Actor and Actress.Then we'd get together and decide if we agreed with the Academy (!!). Pat wanted so much to attend Northwestern University and major in Drama. She'd have blown them away with her talent. Sadly, Pat was diagnosed with cancer during either our junior or senior year at Will Rogers. She did attend Tulsa University for a short period of time. I came home from OSU during Christmas 1959, we doubled dated and she was still full of life and full of hope. She passed away Tulsa in 1960 or 1961.  I think about Pat often and have to smile because my life is richer having her for a friend.












06/01/19 11:10 AM #2    

Roger Vaught

It was nice to see Rosalee Gray’s recent tribute to Pat Froehlich.  Though we didn’t know each other, I too have frequently thought of Pat over the years.  Isn’t it funny how someone can unknowingly make such an indelible impression on another person?  Oh my goodness, did I have a crush on Pat.  I thought she was the most wonderful and pretty girl in the world.  When her parents gave an end of school party for her classmates I was thrilled to be invited.  I’m also pretty sure that shy, awkward, geeky, silent boy who sat at the back of the class barely registered.  Later I would occasionally see Pat on the TU campus and marvel how she was developing into such a beautiful young woman.  Though I was tempted to introduce myself, I was still too shy.  I transferred to OU and on a trip home, when I discovered she had died it was a profound shock.  How could this happen to such a dynamic and beautiful person?  It still reverberates.  How little effort it is to let people around us know how much they mean to us.

06/02/19 07:01 AM #3    

Hal Capshaw

I remember Pat very well.  However I was not aware of her passing at such a young age.  Somehow I tried out for a part in the 9th grade play at Wilson Jr High, Time Out For Ginger. I still am not sure what posessed me to do that.  I tried out for the play, thinking I would be a bit player but was assigned to be Ginger's father.   And Pat was the mother of Ginger.  Ginger was played by Sally Boughner.  Pat was really very good.  She learned her part quickly and I don't remember her EVER missing a line or a que.  We had a lot of fun in all of the practices.  We put the play on twice. Pat's acting was a professional.  I can't say that I enjoyed the actual performances but I know that she did.  She went on to greater things at Will Rogers, such as the editor of the Lariat.  She was a talented woman!

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