Reunion 45 Pictures

Jonh is the middle English crica 1743 spelling of the modern John.  Cake decorator must have graduated from Lee!

Welcome Lions Class of 1964 to the Cedars of Lebenon

Great Sign Thanks to Sue Bland (Janie Sue Afair)

Jill Allspaugh Baker, Terry Sides Anderson, Gloria Tidwell McCoy, & Donna Gravely Shaw           

 Terry Sides Anderson & Janet Lewis Majors


By now you can recognize them all.......These are from Hogg Jr. High..Terry Sides, Sandra Malloy, Sandy Barfield (not seen), Sandy Young, Susan Gullege, David Lee, Linda Green, Jill Allspaugh, Archie Reynolds, Nancy Stone, Winston Green, Donna Gravley, Linda Porter 

John Evans and Sid Morris

Linda Green McCormick and Cindy Creekmore


Susie James Deason, Jim Deason, & Brenda Smyrll Piper "B.J."

 Carol Mings Hodges, Barbara Briley Solluck, Edwina Powell Bulman

John Evans, Archie Reynolds, Jim Piper, and Al Cody @ Eagle's Bluff

Front Judy Mallory Cody, Brenda "BJ" Smyrl Piper, Rear Sara Moss Muske  Winston Green in background

Misty Gail Armstrong, Donnie Walton

Winston Green, Lynn Ferrell

Nancye Penn, John Evans, Robert Penn

Rachell Ferrell, Frank Stewart

John Evans, Wayne Schafer, Gloria Tidwell McCoy, Rosemary Gaston Power, Jerry Rhodes, Judy Cagle Malone, Kay Rudd Liles

The Kelly Springfiels Bunch Charles Jones, John McGee, Richard Carroll, Mike Young

Pat Parker Mullins, Judy Mallory Cody, Barbara Briley Sollock, Lynn Peterbaugh Hutchens

Larue Elliot Hamby, Linda Hartman Jeter, Gloria Stell Gilley

 The Brrave and steadfast alumni of the e4xhaulted Greek Fraternal Organization, Eye Phelta Thi.  Jim Connally,Joe Jeter, Donnie Walton, Mares Dennis, Kent Bayless, Sid Morris.  The others not pictured could not get temporary release from "The Home"

Linda Shirey, Johnny Evans, Rivkah Cohen (aka Becky Baber)

Bobby Overall, Charlene Pringle Overall

Brenda Smyrl Piper, Sara Moss Muske, Toni Erwin Ferrell

Old what's his name and his beautiful bride of forty-three years Babs Dean Connally

Terry Sides ANderson, Donna Gravley Shaw, Gail Cooney Hannah

 Gloria Steel Gilley, Thomas Utz

 Connie Steel Stegall, Sandra Rankin Walters

Mike Weaver, Connie Steel Segall, Donald Rector, Gloria Steel Gilley, Johnny Durham

Charles Jones, Winston Green, Donna Gravley, Archie Reynolds

Sandra Rankin Walters, Nancy Stone Lingle

Lillian Gibbons Haynes, Gail Daughtery McDowell, Patricia Parker Mullins

Mary Morphis Moody, Johnny Evans

Al Cody, Beverly Stroud Whitham

Judy Davis Burleson, Judy Cagle Malone, Gloria Tidwell, Danny Sikes, across from Danny is Bill Vickery

Wayne & Ouida Schaffer

Wayne and Louise Ivey

Ginny Stanley Turner, Nancy Stone Lingle

 Get together at the bar Friday night Gail Cooney Hannah, Ginny Stanley Turner, &

 The girls table at Whataburger.  Teir token boy, Donnie Walton, is taking the picture. Front Row: Judy Mallory Cody, Brenda Smyrl Piper   Back row:  Barbara Briley Sollock, Sara Moss Muske, Janie Sue Adair Bland, Edwina Powell Bulman, (senior moment), Carol Mings Hodges


Danny Benson's Front and a lot of backs.  If it is your back self identify

Connie Steel Stegall in background.  Barbara Briley Sollock and Jim Deason discover that Jim and Bartbara's mom were both born in the same home out on Hwy 64.


Patricia Parker Mullins, Judy Mallory Cody, Barbara Briley Sollock, Lynn Peterbaugh Hutchens, Lillian Gibbons Haynes. 

Do you know what the common denominator is?????

What I would give to be in the middle of that hug.  Sandy and Ginny  Maybe next time

Danny Benson's back - Beth Stuckey Bright and Donald Rector - 3 of the 88 at El Charro's Friday Nite

Sandy Young Durham, Sandra Barfield Maxey, Sandra Ford

Sandra Rankin Walters, Sandy Young Durham