Capt David Meadows 6thFleet

Capt. David Meadows 6th Fleet was the speaker at the 2014 Reunion in Norfolk/Virginia Beach.  Those of us who attended the reunion had a wonderful time hearing his stories. Everyone there "Split a Gut" with laughter!  You may view his site here:

Here is a view from his web site:

"These books should be read by every senator and congressman in our
government so that the scenarios there-in do not become history."

--John Tegler, syndicated talk show host of "Capital Conversation."

"When Meadows' men set sail, it's sure to be a mission like no other."
--W.E.B. Griffin

"Rip-snorting, realistic action-adventure from a man who has been there. David Meadows is the real thing,"

--Stephen Coonts author of numerous bestsellers, including
Flight of the Intruder, Saucer, America, and Liberty.

"An absorbing, compelling look at America's future place in the world. It's
visionary, and scary. Great battle scenes, believable heroes, plus villains
you'll love to hate!"

-Joe Buff, bestselling author of Straits of Power, Tidal Rip, and Crush Depth.

"...right to the bridge, in the cockpit, into the thick of battle. Meadows is a military adventure writer who's been there, done it all, and knows the territory."
--Robert Gandt, best selling author of BLACK STAR and ACTS OF VENGEANCE"

"David E. Meadows is simply the best writer of naval thriller/adventure fiction out there today."
--Tom Wilson, acclaimed author of Black Canyon, Desert Fury, Tango Uniform and other best selling military thrillers.

"David Meadows delivers one heck of a fast-paced, roller-coaster ride with this exhilarating military thriller."
--Midwest Book Review