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•   Adolf Hitler (Schroder)  6/5
•   Stanley Medina  12/10
•   Testing Account  12/5
•   Alex Correa (Pena)  11/13
•   Sean Estes  11/13



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2 live in California
1 lives in Germany
345 location unknown


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laughWelcome Rangers!laugh

I am excited to open the official Redwood High School Class of 2009 website! The main purpose of this website is to have everyone in one platform, that makes it much easier for us to inform everyone. But in this site, you will find more than just a class reunion page but also an interactive social platform made just for us! Create a profile, post comments, update status, upload photos and videos to the Photo Gallery and much more! New features will be added later to make this webpage worth checking out. I plan to add a lot of content in here so be sure to check often to see what's new and be updated on future reunions and events. For now, this site is only open to the class of 09. If you are a Redwood Ranger from the Class of 2009, your name is on this site and you are eligible to sign up!

Signing up is easy and it only takes 2 minutes. All that is needed is your email adress. If your name is on the yearbook, then you are on this website! Search your name under the "Missing Classmates" tab on the top of the page and find your name to create a profile. (please note that all of the names are written exactly as it is spelled from the yearbook. So if you have changed your name after high school, please search under the name that you have in the yearbook and you are able to change it afterwards). If your name is not on the list, feel free to contact us and we will add your name. 

This class site was made using and is a trusted site. Check out the "First Time Visitors" tab on the top for more information on this site. 

This website will be very fun and useful to use as soon as we have everyone in our class signed up! So we need your help to share this site and have them get their name from the "missing classmates" list. Having everyone in one place will make it easier to inform everyone when the reunion will take place and that is our first goal. So please spread the word, text your friend! is a very easy link to remember! We want to make this reunion worth flying over to, so preparations must be well made. I want to see all the names disappear from the "Missing Classmates" list!