Commit To Sing 2024

Thanks to all who have made 2023 a very busy productive year.   We performed over thirty times for various events.  Fifteen HONOR SINGS; five sets of Honor Flights; Heritage Hunt Founders Day; VN Veterans Day; VN In Memory Program; Army Birthday; four concerts; one retirement celebration (LC); one Faith and Freedom Service and multiple rehearsals and gatherings such as After Glows.

A successful year, in my humble opinion.

As always, we need to attract  more singers to join our merry band of warrior singers AND encourage our current members to rehearse with us and perform when possible.

Next year 2024 promises to be another busy year.



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1)   I can sing for the COL Dennis Sharon'58 graveside Honor Sing on April 12, 2024 assembly 1215?

Yes No
2)   I can sing for the USMA '59 65th Reunion at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner Hotel on April 27, 2024?

Yes No
3)   Guests for Class of "59 Reunion on April 27:

Singers dinners are being provided. If you wish to bring a guest, we are asking you to pay half ($80) of the full price.
4)   I can sing for the Honor Flights on May 18,2024 assembly 0700. Flights are at 0800, 0900 and 1000

Yes No
5)   My guest(s) names and DOBs for the Honor Flights on May 18 are:

6)   I can sing for the Army Birthday at The Fairfax on June 14, 2024, assembly 1700?

Yes No
7)   I can sing for the 80th Anniversary of the D Day invasion on June 7, 2024?

Yes No
We expect this to be a two or three night trip to the World War II Memorial at Bedford, VA. Our concert will be on June 7, 2024. We hope to have a guided staff ride of nearby Civil War Battlefields. Significant others are most welome on this trip.
8)   I can sing for the VN Memory Book Ceremony near the VN Memorial on June 15, 2024, assembly 0900?

Yes No