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07/12/14 12:18 AM #17    

William Nelson (1964)

Paul, I received mail from Neal Walsh that said Greg is coming to the reunion.  It will be great to see you guys again.  I'll be the short guy with a midsize bellie, short hair what's left of it.  Went to see my surgeon for my back and he's given me the green light to go back to playing golf and all the other things I've been doing since retireing in 88.  Yes 88.  I followed my wife around for 11 years until she retired from the Navy in 99.  Tuff life but some one has to do it.  I think I found Greg.  Now living in Carlisle, PA.  Phone 717-258-1484.  No "E" address though.  I haven't had a chance to call that number since I found it last night.  Ben on the road since 5:30 this morning going to the doctors and 3 hour difference makes it a little late to call him.  If you try my phone is 541-332-5063 or cell 541-290-4450 please give it to him and we all can play phone tag.  Take care.

07/12/14 06:28 PM #18    

Paul Chasse (1964)

Thanks for that info Bill, I'll try to give Greg a call and see if he's still breathing...;)


Update, I just called and got his answering machine, it was definitely Greg's voice on the other end.   I left him a message to call me.

07/13/14 01:52 PM #19    

William Nelson (1964)

Paul.  I left him a message too.  Maybe he's out playing golf and had a bad round.  Time will tell if he returns any of our calls.  Later.

07/13/14 06:36 PM #20    

Thomas Martino (1964)

Will Nelson Bruce Barker is in Hood River, Or for 2 months
are from him.

Send me an E Mail and I will get you his number.. My e mail is adn I will get the number where you can reach him this summer.


07/14/14 07:59 AM #21    


Carole Gudonis (Fetters) (1960)

In response to Karen Kenny Hauserman - Carole Gudonis Fetters class of 1960, retired in SW Fl & doing well!

07/14/14 09:03 AM #22    


Jorge Pedro (1976)

Hi there everyone

I´m Jorge Pedro, WILBY´S great class of 76  I´ve lost touch with everyone, and in moving to Europe I´ve lost the year book..........With some time on my hands i looked around the net and found this place.

if any classmates come here I would love to chat with them, or you can mail me    

Hope to hear from you

Jorge Pedro

07/15/14 12:59 PM #23    

Evelyn Ouellette (1959)

Hello Wilbyites,

I'm Class of '59 living in Palm Springs, CA and just checking out this message board and thought I'd reach out to all.  I missed my 50th reunion and regret it.   I've been retired from teaching for seven years now and love it.  Hope to hear from anyone who's from that time.

07/15/14 05:07 PM #24    

Elaine Newell (Derwin) (1959)

Elaine Newell Derwin Class 59

Hi Evelyn (Evey) Ouellette - It was grand to see your name on the board.  I check every once in awhile for 59 classmates but they don't seem to show up.  Did you retire from teaching to sunny Palm Springs, CA or were you teaching somewhere out  there on the West Coast?  I have a cousin in Palm Springs and Jack has a nephew who lives in San Francisco but owns property in Palm Springs.  We, however, have not been there al-though have been invited.  Have been to San Diego though and a little place called Squaw Valley in the foothills of the Giant Sequoias.  Sorry you missed the 50th, it was grand although the numbers are dwindling.  I have managed to go to all of them.  Don't know if there is going to be another one anytime soon, although all the committe members are still milling around.  Hope our messages will be seen by some others and they will add a line.  Hope to see you here again or if you want to get intouch by e-mail let me know -

07/16/14 12:51 PM #25    

Evelyn Ouellette (1959)

Hi Elaine,  I am thrilled to hear from you.  I really didn't think anyone would remember me, never mind my kid name of Evie. Well, I would love to continue chatting via email.

My last years of teaching were here and I loved it so much that I stayed.  I haved lived along the northern coast of CA since I left CT in '78.  This is different but I love it.  Lots of peace and serenity here. 

Well, lets stay in  touch and let me know who else is out there from '59.

07/16/14 07:18 PM #26    

Lorraine Brandolini (1970)

To the Class of 1970

We are hoping to begin planning for our 45th reunion sometime after Labor Day. If there is anyone from the class who has any suggestions as to time of year, venue, activities,  etc., please feel free to post. If you know the whereabouts of any classmates, please forward the information so that we can update our records. We are looking to make it as memorable of an occasion as our 40th was.

I hope you are all healthy and happy. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lorraine Brandolini

07/24/14 02:44 PM #27    

John Hamilton (1970)

Lorraine, the 40th was wonderful, I loved the location and the food and breakfast the next day was terrific!

Count me in for the 45th,

Best wishes from Ohio,

John Hamilton

08/02/14 07:57 AM #28    

Lauren Eastwood (1968)

Lauren Eastwood

Hi Eileen, I ended up in Newark, Ohio. Did 20 years in the USAF retired in 1988. Worked in a steel and aluminum mills, taught in a vocational school system, also taught in the prison system in Ohio. Got medically retired from the State of Ohio, at 62 got SS, and was classified 100% DAV due to Agent Orange I caught in Asia. Life is as good as I can make it. Hope we have a reunion in 2018 will be interesting to see whom is still with us.



1 day ago

01/21/15 12:38 PM #29    


John Napolitano (1975)

Please let me know if there will be a 40 year reunion for the wilby high school class of 1975.


John Napolitano: Wilby High School class of 1975

01/21/15 10:52 PM #30    

Sonya Sharpless (1983)

Hello this is Sonya Sharpless Class of 83'. Just wanted to say what's up Wilby Alumni.

06/16/15 09:16 PM #31    

Sonya Sharpless (1983)

Just stopping by to say hello to the Wildcats!

06/16/15 09:23 PM #32    

Sonya Sharpless (1983)

Thinking about you today Martin "Duck" Gatling continue to RIP! CLASS of 84

06/17/15 12:03 PM #33    


Maria Vazquez (1968)

Hi all, Maria Vazquez here. Trying to find more of my 1968 classmates. I have found many and have kept in contact with them. Also wanted to know if there would be a reunion in 2018; I know it's a bit away, but that way can plan to get a group together and meet them in CT. Also looking for Mary Silva, Maria Marinez, Hoping all is well with all of you, new and old. So happy I found this site. Maria in Maine

06/29/15 06:37 AM #34    

Barbara Cianciulli (Sticco) (1964)

Kenneth Ayotte.  Sister is Marsha Ayotte Durley Terryville 860.583.9110.

09/02/15 04:22 AM #35    

Lorraine Brandolini (1970)

The Wilby High School 45th Reunion committee wishes to thank each and every one of you who attended Saturday's special event.  It was truly an amazing day on every, venue, food, and music...all made even better by   those classmates who wer able to be there. It truly exceeded all of our expectations and we appreciate that you were the reason for that being so. I believe that the consensus of opinion was that as we get "older", the friends who helped shape us into who we are today become even more important as touchstones in our lives today.

To those who were not able to be there, please know that you were truly missed. It is our sincerest hope that you will be able to join us to celebrate our 50th reunion, a milestone event. We have selected October 10, 2020 as the date for that and we hope to see as many people as can possibly make it. No plans have been made other than the date but be assured that we will do our best for it to be a very memorable celebration for all.

Please help us by emailing me (Lorraine) with any changes (ie address, phone, email) so that our files can remain up to date. Also, we ask that if you do not want to be included in any future reunions, kindly email me so that I can remove your name from the list and you will not receive further notices.

Again, thanks to those who came for giving us the opportunity to reconnect, celebrate, share old memories, make new ones, and allow us to look forward to the time when we meet again. Stay well and be happy, friends.

Lorraine Brandolini
Janice Gordon Ash
Ron Guerrera
Palma Mordini Malagutti

10/06/15 09:04 PM #36    

Maria Ricciardi (Ciarlo) (1965)

Hello all you Wilbyites from the class of 1965!

We just celebrated our 50th reunion Saturday Oct. 3rd, 2015. If you attended our event at the Country Club Of Waterbury, then you had a blast!  We can't say enough about our class. You are the best. You came from all corners of the country.

We never stopped dancing. For 4 hours we did the twist, mashed potatoes, the bristol stomp, locomotion and the list goes on! It was just like we were on Bandstand! Funny how it just all comes natural. We never missed a step!

Our D.J. Nunzio Cipriano did a great job keeping "our songs" going. 

I for one will never forget this special reunion. Seeing old friends and making new ones.

We said this was our last time, but, now I'm not so sure.

Maria Ricciardi Ciarlo- Reunion committee member


P.S. The class of 1985 is looking for classmates who might be interested in doing their 30th in Dec.

If you are interested please e-mail me I'll forward the info:



12/30/15 08:02 AM #37    


Sandra Young (1965)

Yes, the class of 1965 reunion was a blast.  For those of you in the Waterbury area or planning on being in the area, we meet up 3 times a year.  January is our holiday party, May is our spring fling and October is our fall festival.  We meet at the same place all the time, San Marino's restaurant in Waterbury.  Our next gathering is on Friday, January 15th at 6 pm. We meet in the bar area and there is no fee or RSVP.  Each person is responsible for their own food and drink.  It is always like "Christmas" as we never know who will attend. We have accumulated quite a list of classmates that attend these functiolns over the years.  Everyone is friendly and looks forward to meeting classmates that we did not have the opportunity to "hang" with during the school years.

We also have an email listing of classmates whereby we keep you informed of what is happening; whether it is a gathering or the passing of a friend, whether you are in the area or not, everyone is included in this email. Please provide me with your email address (  if you wish to be included.  

Happy and Healthy New Year

Sandra Young


05/20/16 02:28 PM #38    

Rhonda Cookson (Calabro) (1966)

Wilby Class of 1966 50th Year Reunion

We are looking for information regarding the following alumni.  If you have information please email:

  1. Clara Benson
  2. Fern (Taylor) Bredice
  3. Diane Bradstreet
  4. Carol Ann Brooks
  5. Joseph Brown
  6. Delores Bunch
  7. George Burauskas
  8. Arlene Cammarata
  9. Robert Crane
  10. Andrea D’Angelo
  11.  Anthony Dell’Anno
  12. Nicholas DiBeneditto
  13. John DiZinno
  14. William Dubay
  15. Jack Drelichowski
  16. June Feeney
  17. Anne Ferrari Wagner
  18. Patricia Fowler
  19. John Fredette
  20. Patricia Hallawy
  21. Eleanor Johnson
  22. Josh Kirven
  23. Thomas LaChance
  24. Vita Lipkas 
  25. Andrew Manna Bushey
  26. Kathleen McCormack
  27. Domenic Mecca
  28. David Mudrow
  29. Robert O’Connor
  30. Karen Pearce
  31. John Petro-Roy
  32. Alan Philbrook
  33. Robert Pronovost
  34. Robert Ranando
  35. Carol Robert
  36. Carol Rutkoski
  37. Nancy Savino
  38. Karen Shattuck
  39. Brenda Shea
  40. Joseph Shea
  41. Maureen Sheeler
  42. Richard Soucey
  43. Gerald Soucy, 
  44. Dolores St.Mary
  45. Harry Streich
  46. John Sweeney
  47. Martha Taylor
  48. Barbara Tripp
  49. William Tularco
  50. Donna Walsh
  51. Jean Wheeler 
  52. Antoinette Zitzmann


11/07/17 07:58 PM #39    

Nicole Beaumier (Hurbon) (1965)

Hi to all fellow Wilby Alumni, I'm Nicole Beaumier Hurbon, I live in The villages Fl. I've been trying to find out when the 100 class reunion is, I graduated in 1965. Looking forward to hearing from any classmates from 65. Have a great evening.


11/08/17 07:03 AM #40    

Debra Kelly (Francis) (1973)

Grand Oak Villa in Watertown...

08/21/18 04:01 PM #41    


Sandra Young (1965)

Hi all,

The class of 65 will meet up Friday, day before the 100th reunion, at San Marino Restaurant at 6 pm in the bar area.  Other classmates are invited to join us.  Food and drink is on your own.

Would love to see  many friends and classmates. 

Looking forward to the big reunion day. 

Sandra Young

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