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01/21/09 03:17 PM #1    

Deke DeByle

Welcome to the West High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

01/27/09 03:05 AM #2    

Marc A. Volkman

Glad that we are getting things together for the reunion. It should be a blast (from the past). I hope that we get a very good turn out. See you all in two weeks if not before.. You know who you are..

02/15/09 09:07 AM #3    

Andrew H. Philipp

thanks Deke for the info about this site. Hey! when is our next meeting? where? See ya there!

02/24/09 02:44 PM #4    

Deke DeByle

The next Planning meeting is April 6th 2009 at Dales Weston Lanes. As always, Liesle Dille will provide Free Beer for all attending ;)

02/25/09 11:18 AM #5    

Liesle Dille (Markevitch)

Once again Deke your humor slays me

03/09/09 08:35 AM #6    

Marc A. Volkman

Free Beer, I am taking off of work that night.. Yea Hah.. Thanks Liesle.. I know he is jokeing. But we should have our meetings on a Saturday so we can really enjoy our selves..

03/12/09 08:36 PM #7    

Craig M. Lange

Hey Guys, it's good to here some names that I haven't heard in way to many years.

03/30/09 04:08 PM #8    

Rebecca R. Bloom (Leopold)

Not to be somber, but does anyone know what happened to Derek Duranceau? Since hearing of his passing I have talked to a couple of people and no one seems to know what happened. The nearest I can find is that he passed away on November 25, 2002. Anyone out there know what happened? Thanks.

03/30/09 07:24 PM #9    

Susan J. Schmoldt (Marquardt)

Regarding Derek Duranceau, I believe he passed away from cancer in Milwaukee a couple of years back, survived by a son. Very sad.

03/31/09 05:45 PM #10    

Rebecca R. Bloom (Leopold)

Thanks for the update on Derek, Sue. I wish it made me feel better to know what happened. I will miss him.

04/07/09 03:08 PM #11    

Barb Juliano

Totally switching subjects here...I saw Liesle when I was in town this last week, she mentioned the meeting but not the free beer. I maybe would have stayed in town. Kidding!! Anyway...after a long, drawn out process and FINALLY getting this sites access, it has been quite educational,interesting and fun/funny rolled into one. Kudos to you creator! Oh, by the way Liesle...good luck Thursday with that damn Queen of Hearts!!!

05/01/09 10:20 AM #12    

Darrin D. Chapman (Chapman)

Can somebody check this out to see for sure if it's her? Marc and I were talking and I did a google search and found this. If this is our Jodene, then there is a memorial fund set up in her name.

07/21/09 09:24 AM #13    

Robyn E. Elbe (Reynolds)

Hey all, wanted to thank you guys for planning this. You have put in a ton of work and it is greatly appreciated. The site is "awesome"! Wasn't sure if I could make the reunion, but now I know I can, just purchased my tickets. Can't wait to see everyone.
Thanks again,
Oh, thanks for the information on Derek, I was wondering the same on how, the why we will always wonder...

08/17/09 11:18 AM #14    

Darrin D. Chapman (Chapman)

Hey committee,
Leisele, The pics from the reunion are awesome. I had the greatest was so great to see everyone, I hope we don't wait another 10 years.
The rest of you did an incredible job and everyone looks just fabulous. See you all at the next one.

08/18/09 07:16 PM #15    

Leann M. Paszek (Ninabuck)

Hey everyone!!! I just found this site last night. Sad thing is that I don't recognize anyone in the reunion pictures. Wish I could have made it but it just wasn't possible. I'm still amazed that it's been this long since we were all in school or should have been...LOL. Hope everyone is doing fine.

10/25/09 09:43 PM #16    


Jeffrey B. Schaefer

Who does???

08/30/12 09:32 PM #17    


Jeffrey B. Schaefer

Hey everyone! How ya doing??

02/05/14 09:09 PM #18    

Karla A. Doenier (Green)

I would love to come to the reunion but neither of the dates would work well for me. Just letting you know because this was not an option on the survey.  I'm not sure if I will be able to come back again in the summer this close to the fourth of July.  I hope you guys get more help and have a great time.  thanks Karla

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