Aimee C. La Pointe Pritzl

Profile Updated: April 17, 2009
Aimee C. La Pointe
Residing In: ParkFalls, WI USA
Occupation: CNA
Children: Elizabeth, born 1995; Katie, born 1997; Benjamin, born 2002
Yes! Attending Reunion

In Winter of 89 I met my future husband and we married in June 92. After 6 months we moved to Rhinelander, bought a home and lived and worked in the area for 7 years. In 2000 we found a nice piece of land to build on half way between Rhinelander and Tomahawk and built our dream home. In 2006 my husband Patrick's job had a opening in his home town of ParkFalls and we decieded to move again. Here we've been for almost 3 years now. Most of Patrick's family live here and it is good to have family around again. We were fortunate enough to find a house 2 blocks from the K-12 school and 5 blocks from the public pool, baseball/football fields and track. Living in a really small town took a little adjustment but everybody has been very welcoming to me, being as I am the big town outsider in their very closeknit community. As for myself.... I have tried a variety of jobs and schooling paths and did not really find a fit until 2006 when I finished school for and started working as a CNA. I am currently at the Flambeau Hospital, just 10 blocks from our home, and find my work very satisfying with a constant change in work experiences from day to day and sometimes from hour to hour. I may be looking to finishing my nursing degree soon, since we have a couple of school within 1 to 2 hours drive from us. (Everything is at least a hours' drive from us!) But for now I really enjoying the position I have and with 3 kids (two of them teenage girls) I am not going to add school right now. Anyways hope everyone is doing well and hope to catchup with whoever can make it to the 20yr. Aimee.