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James Ferris

Profile Updated: August 2, 2018
James Ferris
Class Year:
Where do you live now?
Welch, WV USA
Hopefully My "Forever First Love" Shelia from nearby Bartley, WV as my partner as soon as humanly possible
None, and don't want any either. couldn't take care of them anyway. Shelia the same However a godchild More…would be ok.
permanently disabled
Yes! Attending Reunion

McDowell, WV up Northfork Hollow

Where else have you lived?

Coalwood, WV where I presently reside

How often do you get to return home to McDowell County? Do you still have family living there?

I still live here. Yes my family still lives here. Most of the time I wish I didn't though. Sad but true.

I thought Northfork Hollow was bad. It's "child play" compared to Coalwood though. Whew. Lol.



Is this the job that you dreamed about in high school?

No way

What were the high points of your life in high school?

There weren't very many at all lol.

Graduating with high honors.

Besides that, I guess Tisha Jones (now Hicks) hugging me at graduation.

There were tons of low points though. Sad but true.

Doesn't say much about my high school life does it?

Lonnie Parker visiting me at my house. Again nothing to write home about. Lol.

If you could rewrite your "senior will," what would you bequeath or advise to your high-school self today?

Please please laugh at yourself and don't take things too darn seriously. Don't be too fearful either.

I was wrong. I need to still be sensitive. However, others will almost certainly take advantage of you if you are, especially in McDowell County, where "sensitive" is considered a dirty word. Lol.

What have you always wanted to do that you haven't done yet?

Attending a Kentucky Wildcats football (notice I said football not basketball which is weird if you follow the 'Cats closely enough like I do) game, hopefully with Shelia by my side.

Forget WVU games both football and basketball. Nope not happening. I think even Shelia agrees with me on that.

I know I'll get raked over the coals big time over that.

Watching UK shock WVU in football in Lexington with Shelia, who supports any team I support lol, by my side would be fun too.

Notice I said football not basketball. Beating WVU in basketball is no fun. We're supposed to beat WVU in basketball. Lol.

99 percent of Mt. View grads will kill me for desiring that. Sadly I'm not joking either, except for the few Marshall fans I guess. Lol.

I actually like Marshall...

The gap is narrowing between UK and WVU in both sports right now.

Attending an Atlanta Braves' game at their brand new stadium SunTrust Park, again hopefully with Shelia by my side.

However if I can't get to Atlanta, attending a Cincinnati Reds or even Pittsburgh Pirates' game will still do a Reds' one especially, again hopefully with Shelia by my side. I heard Cincy's new baseball stadium was beautiful, and that parking there is plentiful too.

Visiting Virginia (preferably Roanoke eastward and northward), North Carolina (Raleigh area preferably), Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky (Lexington or Louisville preferably), Minnesota, Michigan, Maryland, Maine, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, or any Western state, Colorado and California especially.

I don't think I'd like Alabama, Mississippi, or South Carolina. Been to SC only once, and the tension down there was enormous, more than anything I ever felt anywhere else. Sad but true.

The weather is much better out west, and the people are nicer as well.

However Shelia would almost certainly prefer going to a music concert over a sporting event, even though I'm sure she'd even enjoy that more than I would believe it or not, since she can handle crowds much better than I can. Shelia would love to attend an "old school" country music concert I'm sure, probably Brooks and Dunn or George Strait too. But any "old school" music concert would do, of any genre.

Sadly Shelia's all time favorite country music artist Keith Whitley passed away right around the time we all graduated if memory serves me correctly.

Please pray those of you who believe in prayer that one day God will supply me with a house outside of the flood plain. I'm sick of worrying myself to death about being flooded out again every time we have thunderstorms, which are now almost a daily occurrence here it seems.

Where is your favorite place to travel? What places do you want to go?

I explained it up there.

Canada and Australia would be nice as well.

Any gray hair yet?


What would we be surprised to know about you?

I am fairly talkative now. Huge mistake. I was actually better off being a hermit believe it or not. I am still very shy though.

In the past three months, I started cooking and cleaning more. Yes you heard me right. Have to in order to save money lol.

Facebook destroyed me, but at least it revealed to me that most of my "friends" weren't whom I thought they were.

Sad but true.

Did you have a nickname in school? Any nicknames now?

Nerd. I'm actually proud to be one now. Ferris Wheel too, for fairly obvious reasons, plus the Number 1 Kentucky Wildcats' Fan In West "by God" Virginia as always.

If/when you skipped school, what did you do? What is your favorite memory?

Never ever skipped.

How do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Probably right here doing exactly what I'm doing now, but hopefully with Shelia by my side.

However need things to work out between Shelia and myself right now 100 percent certain. More so, her family. I think Shelia herself is still ok. However her family and I still have doubts about each other.

When was the last time you belly laughed?

I have never ever belly laughed even once in my entire life. Lol.

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:58 PM
my deceased grandparents, the "lights" of my life:

my grandpa "paw paw" who passed away march 2, 1997

my grandma "nanny" who passed away october 30, 1996
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:58 PM
me august 2008