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Pop Quiz #2


Many of us may not have stepped foot in a classroom for 10 years or longer, but the results from the first pop quiz show that you were not one that slept in class!   As a result, we have three (3) individuals who scored at least a 90% or better and thus moved to the Head of the Class.  Will they be able to hold onto to their coveted award, or will you be the one to unseat them? 

Good luck, and remember - this is just for fun!   Total Points Possible:  10. 

P. S.  Again, you will be able to see the collective results after you submit your answers, but you will not be able to see individual responses. 

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1)   Which is the Odd One Out?

2)   Which of the following was not a hit for Elvis Presley?

3)   Which of the following peers of the realm had a popular snack named after him?

4)   Which day of the week is named after the Norse God, Thor?

One word (a day of the week)
5)   Which of the following is not a former member country of the Soviet Union?

6)   It has been scientifically proven that earthworms are more intelligent than humans.

7)   John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were the what?

8)   Which of the following filmmakers or actors gave his or her name to theme parks in California and Florida?

9)   Tiger Woods is famous as a participant in which sport?

10)   The philosopher Hans Reichenbach was not a proponent of which of the following?