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Share your pictures with us.......

By clicking on "Add/Edit Photos" and adding a picture, a folder will be created with your name.  It's fun to share pictures of yourself and your family with the rest of your classmates.

To view pictures in a folder, click on the folder to open it, and then click on the individual pictures to enlarge them. When there is more than 1 picture, the pics will change about every 7 seconds.  You can scroll forward and backward using the arrow that appears.  

Also...there are pictures in the "Classmates Profiles" section that do not necessarily appear in this Photo Gallery, so if you are looking for someone's picture, you might check there as well.

The July Reunion Pics folder has a lot of pictures taken by different people. Most of the pictures do not have names....I broke the group picture up somewhat to make it easier to see individuals....more work will be done in that regard.

July 2011 reunion pics
166 Photos  9/23/11
Submitted by YOU !
26 Galleries  5/23/16
HB Ellison 8th grade
10 Photos  4/14/11
'61 WA WA senior pictures
16 Photos  4/20/11
Sept 2016 reunion
24 Photos  10/22/16