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Class of 1963 - 60th Reunion

September 29th and 30th, 2023

Reunion details were mailed out the first week of
March. We are looking foreword to gathering at Gilroy’
after seeing the Jordan House and the Val Air on Friday.

We are touring West Des Moines and meeting at
Raccoon River Lodge on Saturday. Please return your
RSVP as soon as your plans are firmed up.

Contact Linda Smith Knight if you have questions. or phone 515-987-0692


Please come join your New Facebook Page 

 West Des Moines Valley High School Class of 1973

You can also update your information on vhsreunions (here).  Your changes/join status will be updated automatically.


A huge thank you to Don Ames, Class of 1949 who has generously spent countless years (yes years) of research to add info from Ancestry for our classes of 1901 - 1949,  He also proudly served in the US Army during the Korea War and did the research for the following list.  

Class of 1927 Alfred William Hudgell, Boatswain Mate. 1st class, U. S. Navy,
He was a Boatswian Mate 1st. class, serving on board the USS Tennessee (BB-243) in the early morning hours of Sunday, December 7th.1941

Class of 1932  Francis Myron Gray, Col, U.S. Army, died Ft. Lee, VA 1972. 
He enlisted in the United States Army, 20 July 1941 and was released from that duty, 18 June 1947. He was later called back during the Korean War and the VietNam War. Col Francis Myron Gray died 08 Aug 1972 while stationed at Fort Lee, VA

Class of 1932  Kenneth Philomin Kenworthy, PFC, U.S. Army, KIA Germany 1942, during WW II.   He served in the U.S. Army during WWII and was "KIA" 17 Nov 1944 near Brandenberg, Germany.

Class of 1934  John Walden Emerick, Electricians Mate, 1st. Class, U.S. Navy, "On Eternal Patrol" 1943, during WW II. 

Class of 1934  Wayne D. Hicks, LT., U.S. Army Air Corps, bombardier, KIA, Picardie, France 1944, during WW II. 

Class of 1937  Elmer Boyd Kirts, CPO, U.S. Navy, Lost at Sea 1945, during WW II. 

Class of 1937  Robert George Overton, Pvt., U.S. Army, KIA Strass, Germany 1945 during WW II.

Class of 1939   Howard R. Helt, Sgt U.S. Army Air Corps, gunner, MIA India 1944, WW II, during WW II. 

Class of 1944  Robert Douglas Compton, U.S. Army Air Corps, died in training accident, Pauls Valley, OK, 1944, during WW II. 

Class of 1940  William Eugene Smith, U.S. Army Air Force, KIA 1944 in Europe, during WW II.  

Class of 1943  David Patrick Carlin, Signal Corps, U. S. Army Air Corps, died 1943 during WW II, during training accident in Northern CA.  

Class of 1943  Milo Foresman, Sgt. U.S. Army Air Corps, gunner, KIA during 1944 WW II, over the Palau Islands.

Class of 1943   Lyle Everett Robertson, 2nd LT. U.S. Army Air Corps, died in a plane crash, 1944 in Panama, during WW II. 

Class of 1944 Richard Henry Lowe, PVT, U.S. Army, KIA, Belgium during BATTLE OF THE BULGE in 1945.

Class of 1960  Donald Glenn Peddicord, U.S. Navy, KIA 1967 in South Vietnam.

Class of 1963  Russell Thomas Pickering, 2nd Lt. U.S. Army, KIA 1969 in Vietnam

Class of 1965  Randall Merle Cable, U.S. Army, died 1970 in Japan of non battle condition

Class of 1966 David M King, pilot, U.S. Navy, grad of U.S. Naval Academy, died 1974 near Yuma, AZ. while on a training mission. 

Class of 1966  Michael Lee Zappia, U.S. Marine Corps, killed in action in Vietnam February 25, 1969.

Class of 1975 Scott Christopher McCully. U.S. Army, Stationed at Camp Edwards, Korea, died 1978 of Pulmonary Edema.


Thanks to Don Ames for his recent post for Memorial Day.
For those Valley classmates I knew and whose funerals I attended, it was bittersweet.
For those I did not know but whose service I honor, Thank You.
Please know that your work is appreciated, Don, as well as your service.

Thanks to the administrators of the page for the post and support of the page.

Susan Holmes Andersen
Class of 1967