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Thomas Kelso

Thomas Kelso

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11/29/21 10:03 AM #1    

Robbie Liefveld

I will truly miss this man...

Although we lived miles apart and attended different grade schools, Tom and I (and several others of our class) played sports together from the time we were 9 or 10 years old. We were on the same 1960 Pesi Cola flag football team that won the championship that year. We also played on several Pee Wee and Junior League baseball teams, in addition  to sports at Whittier High. I say this because of those experiences together, some became memorable moments in our lives, and we talked about them afterward with delight.

He was able to write about many of those events as he recalled them here on our website in his writings along with photographs and newspaper articles. He did the same about many events in his life in general. I was impressed and thought it was gracious of him to share many of his personal adventures and memories to the class because they touched so many of us.

Our friendship through the years continued and we were able to stay in contact. I saw him many times after high school and later when he returned from playing football in Utah. We would see each other frequently at the Whittier Health Club while training with weights. We had freinds in common, mostly through atheletics. He remained in the sports world and would be involved with many great atheletes. To my surprise, we both ended up livng in Rancho Cucamonga and would meet from time to time, even if just to BS a little. There would also be phone conversations just to "check up" on each other.

There were times he called when I was on the golf course and I'd try to get off the line. The phone conversation would go something like this. "Hi Robbie, it's Tom" I'd say "Hi Tom, can I call you back? I'm playing golf right now and have 15 footer for par" He'd say "OK, but I'll give you three to one odds that you miss it. You can pay me when you call me back!" 

Tom was very quiet about his personal family life and did not share much of that with me. In fact, we both had our personal problems. At our 35th reunion, we sat together by ourselves at one table when several ladies asked us to join them at their table. I'm sure they felt sorry for us. I believe they were Linda Oeh, Debbie Waer, Donna Williams and a couple more that I can't remember because I had too much to drink. But one was Loretta Deatrick, and we've been married since then. So again, Tom was there for what would be perhaps the most significant moment in my life to cap things off.

Rest well my friend and God bless you...

Robbie L.

11/29/21 02:10 PM #2    

Danny Orr

Thank you Glen Hernandez for advising us of Tom's passing so quickly.  I read it about 03:00 this morning and felt a little pain in my stomach making it harder to go back to sleep.  

I got to know Tom at WHS and he was one who later remembered well when I sustained my shoulder injury at the beginning of our junior year football practices.  He also remembered me working every day after school at Myers for two years after that.  Well, you know Tom, he seemed to remember everything!  I loved his brain and regular histories about all kinds of subjects posted our our WHS 68 page.  

We hooked up after WHS regularly in LV, NV, sitting together at UNLV basketball games and league tournaments.  Bob Krommenhoek came to LV for a while too as his daughter Julie was an All-American in basketball for the University of Utah, another UNLV foe back then.  Tom knew the Tarkanian family and I was one of the Sports Medicine Docs for UNLV so we had a lot in common besides WHS.

At our 50th Tom pulled me aside and said he had a present for me.  He handed me a 1968 Kennedy half-dollar that I still have on my dresser.  That coin was a humble but heartfelt gift.  I have a lot of love and appreciation for Tom.  

I wrote to the Utah State University AD today to advise the Aggies of Tom's passing.  The Aggies play this coming Saturday in the Mountain West Championship game against Susie Mooradian and Debbie Waer's SDSU Aztecs.  

Along with everything else good about WHS, I found my Faith there.  I know Tom is doing just fine now and may even tune in the game.  Go Cards, Danny II in LV, NV                                                                                                                                                                                                                


11/29/21 06:09 PM #3    

Judy Carrier (Graham)

I didn't know Thomas well; however, I recognized he was a guy with well-deserved respect.  I truly appreciate the tributes written thus far and hope to read more.  I am sure he is at peace.  Peace to his family and all you loved ones.



11/29/21 10:07 PM #4    

Joe McCallum

I am so sorry to hear about Tom.  We shared a lot of good times together whether in sports or other things.  His sister and mine were good friends.  A sad day for his family.  He’ll be missed.

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